Safely Install Your New Kitchen

We design our RTA kitchen cabinets to be easy and safe to assemble, with nothing more than a screwdriver—and a little wood glue if you want, but you don’t have to. Even so, there are some safety tips that can make sure both you, and your cabinets, make it through the project unscathed.

Get Help When You Need It

For the most part, if you’re like most of our customers, you’ll be able to assemble your new cabinets by yourself. Of course, having a partner or friend to help out and keep you company is never a bad thing, but they really are so easy to put together that you can do it alone if you have to. Installing them, on the other hand, is a whole other matter.

There’s one inescapable truth: quality is heavy. Hardwood is heavy. RTA cabinets are heavy. Don’t try to install them alone. Even if you can figure out some way to precariously balance your wall cabinets on something while you screw them in, it isn’t safe, and you’re likely to make mistakes. You need at least one other person to help you hang the wall cabinets, at the very least. Two wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

If you don’t have family, friends, or neighbors who can help you out, consider hiring a local handyman for an afternoon. You, your fingers, your back, and your RTA cabinets, will thank you.

Know Your Limits

If you’re getting tired, especially if you’re shaky or your judgement is starting to get impaired, stop and rest, and continue later. Similarly, if you get into your kitchen remodel, and find water damage to walls, or wiring that’s exposed or damaged, stop; unless you’re an electrician or a plumber, these are things you probably don’t want to mess around with.

That being said, most of our customers can assemble and install their cabinets in just a day or two, and according to our consumer reviews and customer testimonials, many have a great time doing it! Just one further caveat…

Read and Follow the Instructions

Every great DIY home improvement expert has thought at some point that they could just wing it, and learn as they go. For this, trust us, reading and following the instructions is a good idea. We’ve experimented and designed the perfect method for assembling our cabinets safely and efficiently, so our advice? Stick to what works.

We’re Here if You Need Us

Finally, remember, we’re available to help if you need us. Our kitchen design experts are experienced at designing kitchens, and familiar with all of our model lines. Call if you need advice or instructions.

If worse comes to worst, we maintain a network of friendly and affordable contractors who are familiar with our products, and can point you toward one in your area who can finish the job if it turns out that you bit off a bit more than you could chew, especially when it comes to installing cabinets and countertops. Call any time at 610-337-5934; we’re always happy to talk to our customers.

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