Make Your RTA Cabinets Pop with Fancy Drawer Pulls

So you either have a fantastic kitchen you just remodeled with RTA cabinets, or have installed one in the past.  Your kitchen is good looking and it is the centerpiece of your home.  Something, though, is slightly missing.  The wow factor that gives it that extra oomph when you first round that corner and notice the drawers.  Read on to find out how to make your kitchen pop!

Fancy Drawer Pulls Make a Huge Difference

Your RTA cabinets nearly always come with drawer and door hardware that are fairly neutral, classy yet not overstated.  The hardware that comes with them is specifically tailored to appeal to the broadest range of public, so that those who buy RTA cabinets will not need to purchase anything else.  For most people, this is fine.  It is a great and cost effective upgrade to your cabinets and drawers, though, to get some fancy pulls.  Adding them to your kitchen can give you lots of choices you didn’t have before.

A Splash of Something Different

Adding fancy pull hardware can open up a world of possibilities you didn’t have before, including shapes and colors.  Here at RTA Cabinet store, we carry a large selection of pull hardware, and we know just how much of an upgrade it can be.  For example: you decide to add some pizazz to your kitchen by going with an apple-green theme.  Getting drawer pulls and door handles inlaid with apple green can tie in your cabinets with all the accessories you will put in your kitchen to complete the theme, such as chairs, flower pots, napkin holders, picture frames, light fixtures, etc.  It allows you to make your kitchen part of a theme, rather than just having a theme overlaid on top.

The other theme direction is shape.  You can get, for example, pulls that match the tile of the floor and backsplash, or which have a metal theme that perfectly matches some of your other kitchen accessories (brushed-brass look with light-stained cabinets for example—great combination!)


You can also go with something completely off the charts.  You can get or order almost anything you want with pulls, and no one says they have to be the same.  You could get the same shape, and for example, get the knobs with a different inlay for each one.  If you go deeper, you could purchase lots of other knick-knacks, pictures, towels and magnets, and make your theme something unique every direction you look.  The possibilities are endless!

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