RTA Cabinet Advantages Over Custom

You are getting, or thinking about getting, a new or remodeled kitchen (or bathroom).  Good for you!  Whether you are getting ready to kit out your new house, or to remodel an existing one, it will be a great way to express yourself and to (re)create the room that is the heart of your home.  But the choices of kitchens available are enormous, and so are the type of cabinets you will buy.

RTA cabinets have really come a long way in the last two decades, and have catapulted from being a cheapo option for the person who just needs to get cabinets and to save a lot of money, to pretty much the premiere option for the discerning home owner.

RTA Cabinets Quality

In the distant past, there were always concerns over quality of RTA cabinets, but this was overshadowed by their low prices.  We have come a long way as a race in terms of technology, though, and now, provided you get them from a reputable dealer, RTA cabinets are usually of premium quality and have fantastic staying power.

You can easily look at a 5 or 10-year-old installation of RTA kitchen cabinets at this point and think that they might have been installed in the last week!  The durability of modern RTA cabinets is through the roof, and due to the standardization of the manufacturing process, there are almost never any problems with the wrong size, or wasted materials due to wrongly cut wood, etc.

Every RTA cabinet comes with everything it needs, but no more … and no less.  With custom cabinets, your quality is completely dependent on the person who is making and installing them.  This can be a great thing if your person is a master carpenter, or a terrible situation if they are mediocre or don’t care about the job that much.  With RTA cabinets, the quality is there, every single time

What’s the Price Difference?

Face it, custom cabinets are expensive.  Like, REALLY expensive.  If you have a vision, though, of what you want exactly and cannot find it with RTA cabinets, then that is your way to go, no questions asked.  If, though, you want the same or even slightly higher quality, without error or defects, and quality kitchen cabinets at a great price, RTA is the way to go.

Custom cabinets typically cost between four and seven times more than RTA cabinets.  If you decide to hire someone to install them, it will most likely cost you about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of your cabinets.  This is a great price and great savings.  Some people, depending on the style, can’t even tell the difference between custom and RTA cabinets.  That would be a VERY good investment for spending 20% of the money!

Getting Your RTA Cabinets

Be careful when you look for your cabinets.  The one thing that custom cabinets have over RTA cabinets is that there is usually a showroom you can go look at somewhere to get a feel for what you are going to get.  With RTA cabinets, you need to do your research on your supplier carefully, and make sure that they are a reputable business.

Remember, that there are NO businesses on the market at this point that don’t have complaints, but balance that by looking at the testimonials on their websites.  There is always going to be someone unhappy with something, but if you find a place which has a plethora of good comments and reviews, then you have found one which will work well for you. 

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