New Accessories have been added…exclusive only to RTA Cabinet Store!

As the direct importer of the RTA Kitchen Cabinets that you see on the site, it gives us the flexibility to add new items if there is a demand for them. After listening to customer requests, we have decided to add some new items that are exclusive only to RTA Cabinet Store (we haven’t even rolled these out to our distributors!). To make it easier to lay out your kitchen, we have added 6" base fillers, and 6" wall fillers in both 30" and 42".  This will make it easier to add some of the rev-a-shelf items to your kitchen as well.

To help add a custom look to your kitchen, we have also added decorative base end panels, and decorative wall end panels. Both end panels look exactly like the doors in that particular cabinet style, so it really adds a nice finishing touch to the ends of the wall and base cabinets. And the big item that everyone has been looking for is the appliance garage. We have received more requests for this item in the past 2 months than any other accessory that is on the market.

As we continue to add more and more lines to our collection, we will continue to add more accessories as well, so keep checking back.

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