Christmas Surprise! New Kitchen Cabinets

Every year around this time, we start getting calls from guys that are trying to surprise their wives with new Kitchen Cabinets.   How do they get them installed without the wife seeing them?   Coordinating delivery before Christmas…  all the little details that go into making it a real surprise.

While most people wouldn’t think of Maple cabinets as the first gift they would give someone, it actually makes a lot of sense (especially if your family utilizes the kitchen as the central hub of the home).

The great thing about buying kitchen cabinets as a holiday gift is that you are actually adding value to your home. There are very few gifts where you can actually say that!

If a full set of kitchen cabinets is not in your budget, then maybe a bathroom remodel is. Simply replacing an outdated bathroom vanity and/or fixtures can give the room a whole new look.

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