Let RTA Cabinets Increase your Profit Margin

If you’re a general contractor or home builder, you know how tough it can be to make a profit these days – many construction material costs have been on the rise and new projects and customers aren’t exactly beating down your door. Taking a job with an extremely tight profit margin can be a big gamble as with one overlooked specification or mistake, the project can quickly turn into a loss. However, if you’re struggling to keep employees working, those types of projects can sometimes seem worth the risk.

Wouldn’t it be great to have one phase of your job where you knew you could make a little profit – an area that could possibly cover a cost overrun in another phase? Well, if you have cabinets in your residential or commercial project, RTA Cabinets might be able to provide the little cushion you’re looking for.

RTA Cabinets to the Rescue
Everyone knows that homes have a lot of kitchen and bath cabinet requirements, but many commercial projects do as well. If you’re constructing professional offices, there may be cabinets specified for the reception and bookkeeping areas, employee break rooms, and if it’s a medical facility, possibly even the exam rooms. A decent sized professional building might have as many cabinets as most average homes and if you could figure out a way to save a little on your purchase, it could easily add up to a substantial amount.

Purchasing your cabinets from RTA Kitchen Cabinets can provide you with that opportunity. RTA Cabinets feature all wood construction that rivals the quality of even the best model lines available from well known names in the industry and by doing your own assembly you may be able to save 30 to 40 percent of what you could spend by purchasing from those manufacturers. If you’re concerned about having to bring in a specially trained craftsman to assemble the cabinets on the jobsite, don’t be – RTA Cabinets can be put together using just a screwdriver – a laborer should be able to handle the task.

If 30-40 percent in savings sounds inviting, an additional 10 percent discount may sound even better — contractors can be eligible for 10 percent discounts on many of their qualifying purchases from RTA. In addition to that, our Contractor Program offers free leads and insider discounts with other companies.

If you’re searching for one little area in your next project’s budget where you can feel confident you’ll have a decent profit margin, RTA Cabinets may have the answer.

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