Can Your Kitchen Remodel be a DIY Project?

So many times homeowners worry about what projects they can tackle on their own to save money. The expense of hiring a contractor to do the work can quickly overwhelm a budget and make it cost-prohibitive for the average family to redesign their kitchen space. Instead of thinking that a kitchen remodel is out of your reach, think about making it a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. While it may seem intimidating, there are some aspects of the remodel that even the novice DIY homeowner can accomplish successfully. Let the guide below help you know when to call a contractor or handyman and when to tackle the project yourself.

While designing your kitchen may seem perfect for a DIY project, there are many pitfalls that can doom your project, but there is an easy way to get the kitchen professionally designed for free! Start by getting a sheet of graph paper and measuring your space and create a file of tear sheets from magazines that capture the look you want. Then take these with you to your favorite home improvement store. Most major home improvement stores will do the design for you if you purchase the cabinets from them. All you need are accurate measurements of the room as well as measurements and locations of windows and doors. These services are free and they have certified kitchen designers on staff to lay out the design and create a 3D computer rendering.

Most homeowners can safely handle the demolition aspect of the kitchen themselves. Sometimes it is therapeutic to rip out old cabinets, knowing that you will be replacing them with ready-to-assemble cabinets that are ideal. Always wear eye protection and gloves to stay safe from harm. It is also wise to be careful around electrical outlets, gas, and water; turn them off first! If you have any type of physical limitation, you may want to hire someone to tear out your existing kitchen for you instead of aggravating a back injury or such.

Installation can be where it becomes tricky for the average DIY homeowner. Some DIY’s enjoy the detailed work of measuring, leveling, and installing, but many others find it to be a tedious task. If a task is tedious, you are much more likely to rush through it and not take the time to do it properly. RTA cabinets make the installation process run much more smoothly for the DIY homeowner, but there is still a great deal of measuring and leveling that will need to be done. If you have not used a contractor yet for any of the kitchen remodel, now may be a good time to bring one in. Not only can an experienced contractor get the job done quickly, because he knows what he is doing, but he can also get it done accurately.

Weigh the cost of time and frustration against hiring a contractor to get a clear picture as to whether the kitchen should be a DIY project. If you are easily frustrated and not at all patient, the extra expense of a contractor, especially for the detailed parts of the job, is well worth the money. Do not be afraid to tackle the project yourself, but be realistic as to your own limitations.

Alyssa Davis, is a design specialist and writer at, and she offers many suggestions and unique ideas for designing with black metal wall art and outdoor wall art ideas.

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