Laundry Room Influencer Inspiration

Your favorite TikTok and Instagram influencers are taking on the remodels of their laundry rooms left and right. Join the revolution and give your laundry room the makeover it deserves.

Here are a few of our favorite influencers to inspire your laundry room project.

Beyond Builder Grade

Fed up with the limitations of generic builder-grade home designs? You’re not alone. These designs cater to the masses but often fall short of meeting the unique needs of your family. Angela Treat, known as @handtreatedhome on Instagram, faced this dilemma every time she tackled a load of laundry in her standard, builder-grade laundry room with basic hookups and a simple shelf.

Recognizing that her family had outgrown the utilitarian space, Angela, a seasoned DIY enthusiast, decided to take matters into her own hands. She embarked on a mission to enhance the laundry room’s functionality and elevate its aesthetic appeal.

Angela Treat firmly believes in the accessibility of DIY projects, advocating that they are more achievable than most people think. Starting with minimal experience in 2015, Treat embraced the world of DIY with nothing more than determination. Over time, she honed her skills to the point where no project seemed too challenging.

Discover how Angela Treat turned her builder-grade laundry room into a personalized haven that she adores. Perhaps, in her journey, you’ll find valuable tips for your own project.

Rethinking Space

Alma, the creative mind behind @Almafied on Instagram, has a passion for discovering hidden gems, engaging in DIY projects, rearranging spaces, and turning a house into a cozy home—all while sticking to a budget. Her knack for unconventional use of space is particularly noteworthy.

Faced with the challenges of managing a young family and adapting to the work-from-home scenario, Alma identified the need for a multifunctional area that could serve as an office, mudroom, laundry room, craft room, snack bar, and storage space. However, lacking an existing room suitable for transformation, Alma took on the challenge of crafting a functional space, employing her three-dimensional thinking skills.

The only available space for this ambitious conversion was the garage, accessible only through a narrow walk-through laundry room. Undeterred, Alma’s spatial ingenuity kicked in, leading her to realize that with a strategic approach, the garage could also be accessed from the front entryway on the opposite side of the kitchen and living room.

Designing Your Laundry Room

Designing an efficient and functional laundry room can make the chore of doing laundry more organized and enjoyable. Here are some tips for designing a practical and aesthetically pleasing laundry room:

Space Planning

Assess the available space and plan the layout accordingly. Consider the placement of appliances, storage, and work surfaces.

If space is limited, stackable washer and dryer units can help save floor space.


Place the laundry room near bedrooms or main living areas to minimize the distance clothes need to travel.

Appliance Placement

Elevate front-loading machines for easier access and less bending.

Plan for adequate space around appliances for ventilation and maintenance.

Storage Solutions

Install cabinets, shelves, or cubbies for storing laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and other supplies.

Consider built-in hampers or pull-out bins to keep dirty laundry organized.

Countertops and Folding Space

Include a flat surface for folding clothes. Countertops above the washer and dryer or a fold-down table are excellent options.

Choose durable, easy-to-clean surfaces.


Ensure good lighting to make sorting, folding, and stain detection easier.

Utilize a combination of overhead lighting and task lighting near work areas.


Install proper ventilation to prevent mold and ensure good air circulation. This is especially important if your laundry room lacks windows.


Choose flooring that is easy to clean and resistant to water and chemicals. Options include tile, vinyl, or sealed concrete.

Utility Sink

Consider adding a utility sink for handwashing delicate items and other tasks that require access to water.

Organization and Accessibility

Keep frequently used items within easy reach. Install hooks or a rod for hanging clothes.

Label storage bins or baskets to keep things organized.

Color and Design

Choose a color scheme and design that complements the overall style of your home. A clean and bright look can make the space feel more inviting.

Multipurpose Space

If your laundry room serves other functions, like a mudroom or pet care area, plan accordingly to accommodate different needs.

Energy Efficiency

Consider energy-efficient appliances to save on utility costs over time.

Hidden Appliances

If aesthetics are a priority, you can hide appliances behind cabinet doors or curtains.

Technology Integration

Explore smart home features for your laundry appliances for added convenience.

Solo Project

Kelsey, @a.dabbled.dwelling on Instagram, took on her laundry room project all by herself. The smart and organized space is functional for the busy family but ultra-stylish as well. Darker gray cabinets are offset by geometric and floral wallpaper.

Functional details like laundry basket shelves reaching to the ceiling and a sink alongside the washing machine make the space a dream to work in. Design details like open shelving and a countertop over the gap behind the washer and dryer make the space one that’s inviting and pleasurable to be in.

Don’t miss Kelsey’s hacks for successful solo projects.

Stay tuned for more stunning laundry room inspiration.

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