Influencer Diaries: Turning Dreams into Reality

@thelivedinlook with Martina Gieske

Instagrammer, Martina Gieske, is all about blending modern and traditional in her early 2000s home. The DIYer is self-taught and doesn’t let the budget stop her, finding a way to make herself what she can’t afford.

That’s why RTA Cabinet Store and @thelivedinlook were a match made in heaven. Gieske has been able to renovate her kitchen, update a bathroom, and add a mudroom nook—all under budget doing all the assembly and installation herself.

Kitchen Dreamin’

“I’ve waited so long for this moment . . . it’s everything I could have dreamed and more,” said Gieske during her kitchen reveal. The head-to-toe remodel removed dated wood cabinets in a reddish tone and exchanged them for the airy taupe of Weston Sand Shaker cabinets.

There are cabinets everywhere from the island to the top of the counter reaching up to the ceiling. It’s a large, luxurious space with lots of storage and lots of style.

Ditching the Pedestal Sink for a Vanity

The white porcelain pedestal sink in Gieske’s guest bathroom was blending into the background. Plus, the lack of storage was becoming a problem. The solution was simple, and after a successful kitchen remodel with RTA Cabinets, she knew just where to turn.

Gieske chose a 27” furniture-style vanity with Shaker doors in Weston Sand, the same color as the kitchen cabinets.

Effortless Convenience

One can never have too much storage. A clean, modern interior should have a place for everything and look great while doing it. That was the idea behind Gieske’s mudroom nook. It’s not an entire room dedicated to storing shoes and coats. It’s just a corner, but it does its job perfectly.

Weston Sand Shaker cabinet drawers form a banquette seat with bead board going up the wall. An upper double-doored cabinet adds additional storage. Some hooks for hanging coats complete the look.

@a.dabbled.dwelling with Kelsey Mackall

Kelsey Mackall has dabbled her way to her dream home. Also self-taught, she learns as she takes on her 1970s renovation. Mackall partnered with us to outfit her kitchen, kids bathroom, and laundry room. RTA Cabinet Store was no match for her hard-earned DIY skill. All three were a snap, including a solo install in the laundry room.

Total Kitchen Makeover

From tearing the kitchen all down to the bare floor, the cabinets really set the stage for this renovation. Mackall chose Weston Sand Shaker cabinets and opted for some perks like garbage recepticle cabinets, etc. She worked with RTA Cabient Store designers to come up with a kitchen that fit their lifestyle.

“Not only did I save money, but I felt like I got to put love into each cabinet and say—I built that!” said Mackall at the reveal. DIYing is not just a hobby or budget saver for Mackall, it’s a labor of love.

Shedding Dim and Outdated

Dark paint in a rustic color scheme with ornate detailing made this small bathroom feel old. A refresh opened it up to new possibilities, literally. Fresh white paint and white cabinets with some creative and bright accent paint made this bathroom for the Mackall kids a whole new space.

Florence White Shaker cabinets, our brightest white, multiplied the light in the space so it felt bigger and brighter. Removing the soffit opened up the area above the vanity. Fun pink stripes behind the vanity gave the space a hint of the whimsical that children can appreciate.

Taking on the Laundry Room Solo

With two cabinet projects behind her, Mackall decided to take on the laundry room solo. She revealed her top hack for working alone: the ledger board.

Use a scrap 2 x 4 and screw it into the studs where you will hang the upper cabinets. Be sure the ledger board is at the right height and is level. Place your cabinets on tp of the ledger board as sort of second pair of hands before screwing the cabinet into the walls. Remove the ledger board afterward.

@itshoneydone by Kayla Cummings

Kayla Cummings takes matters into her own hands as she turns the honey-do list into the honey-done list. Instagram followers take the journey with her as she remodels her home room by room. RTA Cabinet Store got to join he for the kitchen remodel recently.

New Kitchen Vibes

Cummings opted for Weston Shaker cabinets in Sand for the small, colorful kitchen in her home. Moving from bold colors to a more neutral palette opened up the space and made it feel bigger and lighter. As a busy mom and diy-er, she also opted to order her cabinets pre-assembled. This allowed her to get right to installation saving some precious time.

@mallorynikolaushome by Mallory Nikolaus

Even though the Nikolaus family had just relocated from Arizona to Tennessee, when their dream house came on the market six months later, they pounced on the opportunity. Since then, it has been one project after another.

We were lucky enough to be their cabinet partner through the renovation of the kitchen, laundry room, and a kitchenette/pool house. The kitchenette is bright, airy, and the perfect place to fully enjoy the backyard without ever having to step foot inside the house.

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