Get the Latest Layouts for Less with Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens have come a long, long way in the last two decades, but updating from an old-fashioned design to a modern layout can be tricky and expensive; fortunately cheap kitchen cabinets are available that don’t sacrifice style or quality, thanks to coming ready-to-assemble (RTA), rather than shipping fully assembled.

The Old

A dining room table set for the family. Mom calling “Dinner!” through the house; she’d cooked the meal, alone, in the utility-oriented kitchen, and brought it out to serve. In those days, a smallish kitchen with enough room for one person to work, centered around the “sacred” work triangle of range-sink-fridge, was great. The thing is, the way we use kitchens has evolved a lot since then and, thankfully, in the last couple of decades, kitchen design philosophy has (slowly) started to catch up.

The first big shifts in trend were from closed kitchens to open kitchens, where the cook could see through to the living room or dining area, and the island. These are both great advancements! But they were under-utilized for a long time, and not all kitchens are big enough to realistically support an island. Even the ones that do still try to keep the same “work triangle” going, just moving one of the Big Three into the island instead.

Modern Kitchens Are Different

Kitchens today have become a focal point of family activity. Multiple cooks commonly prepare meals together; some families even make it a daily ritual, where the entire family helps prepare the meal every night! But this means old fashioned kitchens, however efficient the work triangle was for one person, just don’t cut it. Modern layouts focus on multiple comfortable workstations, and on incorporating seating, and even a dining area into islands and peninsulas, so people not involved in the cooking can still be involved in conversation and socializing.

So can you incorporate these latest design trends into your kitchen with inexpensive RTA kitchen cabinets? You bet you can! From islands with built in tables at a lower level, to multiple heights of work areas, so tall men, medium-sized women, and short kids or disabled people can all work comfortably, our customers have come up with some absolutely amazing design ideas.

Even better, between our free DIY Online Kitchen Design Tool and a free Professional Kitchen Design Consultation, we make it easy to lay out not just the kitchen of your dreams, but a kitchen that will make jaws drop at its creativity, functionality, and style, all for a fraction of the cost of custom cabinets!

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