Kitchen Cabinet DIY Tips – What Is Light Rail Molding?

Another of the dizzying array of accessories and options available for RTA kitchen cabinets is light rail molding. It may seem obvious to some people, and it’ll probably seem obvious as soon as we explain it, but if you’re new to the world of kitchen renovation and kitchen cabinets, you might be wondering, “What is light rail molding?”

Light Rail Molding Explained

Light rail molding is a stylized section of molding that is attached to the bottom of the frames of your wall cabinets. It isn’t very tall, usually less than an inch, and while it certainly isn’t very heavy, that hardly seems like a major selling point. So what is it for? It’s to hide under-cabinet lighting!

If you’ve ever seen a before-and-after photo of a kitchen without under-cabinet lighting, and then with, you know that there’s absolutely no comparison in the usefulness, the warmth, and the professionalism of the space. Whether you use larger fluorescent fixtures or modern compact LED lighting, or even tube lighting for that matter, you don’t want people to see the fixtures. It just takes away some of the magic.

How Does Light Rail Molding Conceal Lights?

Typically, light rail molding includes an underhang, or an area that extends back from the face frame’s rear edge. This provides a totally hidden, C-shaped area that is perfect for hiding under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen cabinets. Compact LEDs, strip lights, or tube lighting can be fully concealed, from all angles, even from below. Larger fluorescent fixtures can be completely hidden from most adults’ normal standing perspective. Kids or other people with a lower visual angle might still see the lights themselves, but the front of the fixture can be tucked under the molding to create a built-in look.

If you haven’t included under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen design … why not!? It’s a great way to reduce eye strain and the chances of cutting yourself while cooking, and it looks absolutely fantastic! We’d be happy to help you with other tips, style suggestions, and design specifics, any time. All you have to do is sign up for a time here, and one of our professional kitchen design consultants will give you a free session to make sure you have everything you need to make your dream kitchen come true. Many of our customers rave in their reviews that the consultation is worth the price of the cabinets all by itself!

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