When Should I Do Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning?

You’ll spend hours cleaning your house every week. There are certain obvious areas that need constant attention from the floors to the dishes, but you might forget about the kitchen cabinets.

It’s a storage space … do you really need kitchen cabinet cleaning? Yes, you do. They’re no different than any other space that is used sparingly, but is still part of your home. This is especially true if you’ve got glass doors that make your dishes and other items visible.

The Weekly Cleaning

Believe it or not, there are some areas of your RTA kitchen cabinets that need to be cleaned every week. Your countertops are a prime example of a space that needs regular cleaning. There’s always the daily spot cleaning when something spills, but your countertops require a weekly dusting.

Along with dust, there might have been some food items spilled that you didn’t see, or no one told you about. It’s best to get ahead of these things before they end up ruining your countertop. Also, the outside of your cabinets should be regularly dusted and cleaned. When you’re cooking, smoke and grease can discolor your cabinets, so it’s important to clean them regularly.

The Deep Clean

About every month or every few months, you should open the doors, take out the dishes and clean the inside of the cabinets. This takes care of any dust or spider webs that can accumulate. If you have glass doors, then you want to do this monthly.

Glass doors put what’s inside your cabinets on full display. If spiders have turned your cabinets into an apartment complex, then it’s going to put a damper on that kitchen cabinet décor. Deep cleans are important, but don’t have to be done all the time. If you can’t remember the last time you did a deep cabinet clean, then it’s probably time.

Food and Canned Goods Clean-Out

Along with dishes and dinnerware, the kitchen cabinets are home to your canned goods, chips, cereal, spices and more. You have your staples that you use regularly, but there are many items that just sit there. Remember that spice you bought in 2015 for a special anniversary cake and never used since? It’s probably expired. The same goes for the canned goods you bought for that fad diet you tried for three weeks in 2015. At least a couple times a year, go through your cabinets and remove any food that has expired, or you don’t think you’ll use again.

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