Keep Your RTA Kitchen Cabinets Safe

You spent a lot of time and money to purchase and install your RTA kitchen cabinets and you want them to last for years. You don’t want to have to go through this again because something happened to them. The kitchen can be a minefield for new cabinets, but you can keep them safe and have them stand the test of time by taking care of them. Cabinets are hardy and durable, but they can be worn down under the right circumstances.

New Kitchen Cabinets Hate Water

If there is any element that can damage kitchen cabinet fast, it’s water. It could be exposure to high levels of humidity or some type of leak that ruins cabinets and drawers. Even with a good finish, exposure to moisture over long periods of time can wreak havoc on your cabinets. Wood can absorb the moisture and that will cause warping and wood rot. Your new cabinets could be worthless in just a few years. The most common way cabinets and drawers are exposed to water is from a leak by the sink. If you notice pools of water or see a leak, don’t wait to get it fixed. If your house is high in humidity, then invest in a powerful dehumidifier to keep your cabinets from warping.

Heat Can Impact Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinets

It’s a kitchen and it’s going to get hot. It’s where the stove is and where all the food is prepared. The stove heat isn’t the problem, but the heat from pans and smoke can hurt your cabinets. There is a finish on the wood and if you set a hot pan on the wood or splash a hot liquid on it, then it can break down the finish. This can cause staining and other issues. If you need to put a hot pan on the counter, then use a pot holder or something else to absorb the heat. If you spill hot liquid, then wipe it up quickly. Smoke from the stove can stain the wood and cause the finish to degrade over time. Installing a stove hood will help keep that from happening.

Nicks and Scratches Are Cheap Kitchen Cabinet Nightmares

There’s a lot of activity in a kitchen. With children running around and you cooking and other kitchen activities going on, accidents can happen. The counter is used as a racetrack by the children or you drop a cast iron skillet. These nicks and scratches not only make the cabinet look bad, but also break down the finish, leaving surfaces open to more damage and staining. Sadly, vigilance is the best remedy and that isn’t always easy. Keep the children from using the countertop and being aware of the pots and pans you are using are the best ways to keep nicks and scratches from happening.

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