Keep Your RTA Kitchen Cabinets Pristine

Your new kitchen cabinets are amazing.  We know they are, because you most likely picked up some RTA kitchen cabinets and we know you couldn’t be happier.  But you want them to stay that way!  Keeping those cabinets clean may seem like a big job, but a little bit of daily maintenance can make all the difference between your cabinets’ look deteriorating and needing a huge and long cleaning session, or spending just a few minutes a day.

Break It Up into Sections

Cleaning a kitchen doesn’t have to be a huge chore.  And each cabinet door and drawer doesn’t need to be cleaned every day.  Break your kitchen up into manageable sections.  For example, if you have 20 doors and drawers in your kitchen, make it your goal to clean three a day.  Also, never ever let something which splatters from your stove or a spill go.  These things can soak into your finish (especially with wood) and be much more difficult to get out.  It’s a breeze to wipe it down when your spaghetti splatter is still wet, but once dry, it’s like scraping barnacles off a boat hull!

What Do I Use?

It’s pretty easy to use commercial spray cleaners and then wipe your cabinets down.  You can also use a solution of 50% water and 50% white or apple cider vinegar to make a gentle yet effective cleaning solution.  Use a soft cloth or sponge to do the wipe down, and don’t forget about the frames behind the doors!  Afterwards, take a damp cloth (with just water, no solution on it!) and wipe the cleaned areas again.  This will make sure that no vinegar (or commercial cleaning solution) will stay on the cabinets.

Time’s Up!

It takes just a few minutes a day.  We timed ourselves here at RTA Cabinet Store, and found that our average time was 2 minutes.  It seems like a much smaller job when broken into parts rather than a huge job once a week!  By the way, speaking of cleaning supplies, check out some of the Rev-A-Shelf accessories to keep all of your cleaning supplies in one easy and convenient space! (

Check out the Consumer’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets.  It has a lot of tips about kitchens, not just about purchasing cabinets!  You can grab it here:

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