Interior Design Watch: Wood Trends 2024

Wood is a basic element of all construction and design. Like black or white colors, wood is welcome in any room and any style. It’s a staple material and foundational to design.

That said, different grains and colors fall in and out of favor depending on interior design trends. So, what’s trending for wood in 2024? Come with us and discover the trends that are making wood a must-have in 2024.

Kitchen with two tones of cabinets, one in blue and one in warm, mid-tone wood.
Florence Honey Shaker


Everything in design has been leaning toward warmth for several years. Warmer colors, softer textures, and muted finishes all contribute to a sense of warmth and coziness that prevails. That trend continues into 2024 and beyond.

The same goes for wood. While the organic nature of wood makes any type or color add warmth, trends favor woods like oak, maple, cherry, and walnut with undertones of beige, honey, pink, and cheery yellow. Anything with gray or white undertones or accents is considered cooler.

Cabinet Suggestions:

Florence Honey Shaker

Walnut Frameless

Mood board with rustic design elements such as patinaed metal, wood cabinets, brick, and marble.

Vintage & Rustic

A love for all things vintage is taking design by storm. Whether it’s antiques for decor or vintage-inspired design styles (granny chic, steampunk, or art deco), anything and everything from the bygone era is in. Rustic also falls into this category with the resurgence of toile fabrics, chintz upholstery, and farmhouse aesthetics.

The great thing about vintage and rustic styles today is that it’s encouraged to mash them up with other styles to add a hint of modern and make them more accessible. Balance vintage drapes with modern shaped furnishings. Or add contemporary quartz countertops to traditional cabinets.

Cabinet Suggestions:

Ambrose Raised Panel Shaker

Mahogany Glazed

Rustic Shaker

Cozy kitchen with natural hickory cabinets and island.
Natural Hickory Shaker

Texture & Character

Another hot trend of interior design in 2024 is personality. Adding some individuality doens’t have to mean making your space feel kitschy. Character and personality can be as simple as a pop of color, unusual shape, favorite decor item, or organic element.

The texture and character of wood can be a great way to introduce personality to spaces. Knots, heavy grains, or reclaimed pieces all bring the warmth of humanity to a design. Hickory, alder, oak, and pine are all great options for a bit of natural personality.

Cabinet Suggestions:

Carolina Hickory

Natural Hickory

Mid-tone brown cabinets in a large, warm kitchen.
Truffle Shaker

Dark vs Light

With warmth being the standard for design in 2024, you might think that lighter woods are the preferred material. But this year, darker woods are making a comeback. The concept of “latte decorating” takes the warm, creamy depths of a cup of coffee and turns it into design—and it’s perfect for choosing darker woods.

Lighter woods with warm undertones will continue to be in demand for minimalist-leaning designs. Maple, ash, white oak, or pine are great choices for lighter woods.

Cabinet Suggestions:

Truffle Shaker

Timber Mist

Grizzly Shaker

Collage of wood grain cabinets in gray and blue.


Color and wood are not mutually exclusive. Use a colored wood stain on unfinished wood to get some color and let the grain show through. These come in every color of the rainbow and easily become the focal point of the space.

Minwax named a beautiful blue stain, Bay Blue, as their color of the year. It’s blue with a hint of green that really makes the wood grain pop.

Cabinet Suggestions:

Villanova Shaker

Colored Wood Stain

Mood board showing warm organic modern design elements including cabinets, faucets, lighting, and stone.
Timber Toffee Shaker


We’ve talked about darker and lighter woods that are trending in 2024, but the hottest wood tone this year lands right in the middle. Not too dark and not too light, not too warm and not too cool, the mid-tone woods like ash, beech, walnut, and oak are winners in every design.

The mid-toned woods are champs at blending into a neutral color scheme without fading into the background. But they also hold their own without being overshadowed by other elements of the design.

Cabinet Suggestions:

Timber Toffee

Natural Hickory Shaker

Florence Honey

Wood remains a cornerstone of design, celebrated for its versatility and enduring appeal across various styles and spaces. Embracing richer, cozier hues and textures that evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia puts wood choices right on trend. As trends evolve, wood solidifies its role not just as a fundamental material but as a key element in creating spaces that feel both modern and intimately personal.

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