Inexpensive Cabinets Doesn’t Mean Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

When people think about cheap kitchen cabinets, they envision cabinets at low cost and low quality. It’s the idea of “you get what you pay for,” but that’s not always the case. There is such a thing as high quality and inexpensive kitchen cabinets, if you know what you’re looking for. It’s something we pride ourselves on and what we strive to achieve with all our cabinets. Here is a little help determining the difference between cheap and inexpensive.

Discount Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Cabinets can be made from many different materials, from real wood to press board. Real wood is the best material and will cost the most while press board is the least expensive and won’t last very long. Press board is cheap, but you’ll find your cabinets are easier to damage with daily wear and tear and exposure to water or humidity. Any of the other less expensive materials aren’t as flimsy as press board, so if you find those at a low price, then grab them up. Low price press board isn’t worth the headache and you’ll end up spending more over time, because you’ll need new kitchen cabinets quicker than with other materials.

DIY Kitchen Cabinets Are Less Expensive

Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are less expensive than pre-assembled, regardless of the material or brand. When you choose pre-assembled, the cost of the factory worker putting them together is factored into the price. The exact same model that is ready to assemble will naturally be less expensive than the pre-assembled version. This is a great example of how less expensive doesn’t necessarily mean less quality. It just takes a little extra work when they arrive. The cabinets are designed to be easily put together, so anyone with a modicum of handyman knowledge can put them together with ease.

Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinets Could Be Discontinued Models

When a company decides to discontinue or retire a model of kitchen cabinet, they’ll lower the price. Lowering the price gets them out of the factory faster to make way for the new models. This is a great opportunity to get a high-end cabinet for less money, but it does come with some consequences. The opportunity to purchase repair parts and accessories diminishes with discontinued lines, so if you need replacement parts a decade later, then you might not be able to find the exact kind. It’s the risk you take when getting such a great deal with discontinued cabinet models.

If you’re looking to improve your kitchen with new cabinets, then check out our design tool. It can help you see what the cabinets will look like in your kitchen, which makes the cabinet buying process so much easier.

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