How to Incorporate Wine Storage Seamlessly with RTA Cabinets

Our RTA kitchen cabinets have several options when it comes to wine storage. Whether you’re a wine aficionado with need for a large amount of storage, or just keep a few bottles on hand for special occasions, we have solutions that are perfect for you. We also offer open display options, as well as concealed options, and one that’s surprisingly compact while still offering easy access to each bottle inside.

Wine Racks

The most obvious solution is also the one that offers the most wine storage space overall, and provides a venue to display your collection. Lattice-work wine racks can hold many bottles, in the proper orientation, and on display. They come in a variety of sizes in most of our cabinet lines, appropriate for use as either wall or base cabinet add-ons.

The advantage of wine racks is that they add a sense of clear and dramatic customization to a kitchen, along with displaying your wine collection. The disadvantage is that if the time comes to sell your house and move to another area, potential buyers who aren’t wine drinkers will likely be unable to find any other use for the wine racks, and include kitchen renovation costs in their budgets and offers.

Pull-out Base Cabinet Fillers Racks

Rev-A-Shelf has created an ingenious storage solution that’s uniquely suited for hidden storage of wine, spices, or smaller kitchen accessories. Often times, to accommodate custom room widths, semi-custom cabinets like our RTA kitchen cabinets must include narrow filler panels, that typically come in multiples of three inches. Before, those were just wasted space.

Now, they can be converted into a sort of vertical drawer, that pulls out of the cabinets to give access to shelves. No more wasted space, and a very neat feature that’s sure to impress! There’s even a version to do the same conversion for wall cabinets. The only drawback is that it does mean wine will be stored upright, which doesn’t allow the cork to stay moist, so for serious collectors for whom a bottle might stand for a year or more at a time, it may not be ideal.

In-Cabinet Wine Storage by WineLogic

Finally, we offer WineLogic wine storage racks. These convenient racks install easily in most base cabinets in minutes, with just a Phillips-head screwdriver. Four available models all have the same footprint, about the same as six bottles of wine on their sides, the difference is the number of racks stacked vertically, for twelve, eighteen, twenty-four, or thirty-bottle storage overall. The racks slide out easily in high-quality drawer slides, for easy access to your wine in a minimal storage footprint.

Because you can uninstall the racks just as easily, you can simply take them with you if you end up moving. It’s also one of the most compact storage options available, and the wine is out of sight, and able to be locked behind a latched cabinet door to keep kids out of the alcohol.

Other Possibilities

We’ve seen other customers build custom wine coolers into islands, incorporate wine racks into laundry rooms to create hybrid wet bar areas, and countless other ideas. To get some more ideas to riff off of, check out The Consumer’s Guide to Kitchen Cabinets. It’s a free guide we’ve put together to help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls when shopping for cabinets, and it comes with two complimentary bonus reports: The Kitchen Remodel Survival Guide, and Our Top 12 Most Popular Design Ideas. Click here to get your copy today!

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