How to Make a Kitchen Remodel Worth It

It’s well established that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. But nobody wants to renovate a kitchen just to leave it behind.

Any real estate agent will tell you that a kitchen renovation is worth it. The Remodeling Cost vs Value 2021 report says that minor kitchen remodels allow you to recoup about 72% of what you spent. Major kitchen remodels recoup about 53-57% of what you spent upon the sale of your house.

Those numbers might leave you wondering, is it worth it? The answer depends on many factors. Many of those factors do make it worth it. Take a look at some of your options—options that make value a sure thing—before taking the plunge.

Incremental Upgrades

Remodeling your kitchen a little at a time can be beneficial for many reasons. It’s easy on the budget, lets you enjoy new aspects of your kitchen, and lets you keep up with the latest trends.

On the flip side, doing your remodel incrementally might make you feel like you’ll never be done. You might be in a state of half-way for much longer than you bargained for. If you opt to take your remodel slowly, plan carefully. Be sure to arrange your projects so you don’t backtrack or interrupt elements that are already finished.

Another approach is to do the full remodel then stay in the house for several years before putting it on the market. A kitchen remodel can stay fresh for upwards of a decade—especially if you select timeless design and details.

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Worth the Cost to Get the Return

There are a handful of elements in your kitchen remodel that increase value and can really make it worth the investment.

Professional Designers & Contractors

For instance, getting a professional design and hiring a contractor. Skill goes a long way toward success. If you feel that you don’t have the training or experience, it’s worth every penny to get someone who does.

At RTA Cabinet Store, we help you out a bit by offering professional kitchen designs for free. One of our qualified designers will work with you personally to get you started on the right foot. A pro who has a solid knowledge of our products and how they best fit in various kitchens is indispensable.

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Worthwhile Projects

There are some kitchen remodel projects that give you a little more bang for your buck than others. If you want to increase the value of your home but keep the costs to a minimum, try these heavy hitters.

New cabinets alone can make the entire kitchen feel completely different. As one of the most prevalent items in the kitchen, it’s no wonder they have such a big impact. Opt for something lighter in color for a timeless look. You really can’t go wrong with Shaker cabinet styles; they’ve been popular for hundreds of years.

Countertops are another worthy investment. Like cabinets, they make up a lot of the visual of the kitchen. Updating cabinets gives your kitchen a new lease on life. Select a natural stone that won’t feel dated a few years down the road. Quartzite and marble are excellent choices.

The backsplash is a quick and easy update that can make a big difference. It’s a facelift for the kitchen. Tile is the best choice here. Consider going with a backsplash that covers at least 18 inches of the wall, if not a full wall backsplash.

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A Lot for a Little

Another approach to a high value remodel is to choose small or quick projects that influence the overall kitchen in a big way.

Instead of tearing out old cabinets and replacing them, opt for a reface. Just replace the cabinet doors for a refresh that changes the whole vibe of your kitchen. Order a full-size sample door at RTA Cabinet Store so you can see just how much of an impact this kind of update will do for your home.

A fresh coat of paint is at the top of the list for home renovations. It’s quick, simple, and relatively inexpensive. New paint feels like a breath of fresh air in the kitchen. Stick to neutral colors but don’t limit yourself to gray, beige, or white. You can also use neutrals with a bit more color like sage or blush.

As we mentioned before, the backsplash is an easy project that makes a big impact on the kitchen design. You can do it in a weekend from start to finish and on a small budget. Tile is a great choice and is available in many colors and patterns to add interest to your kitchen. Solid stone is another popular and luxurious option.

Faucets are another quick and affordable update with a big return. Choose a muted metallic like brushed nickel or champagne bronze for a fresh take on kitchen style.

Before and after of white marble kitchen during a remodel.
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Perks That Cause a Bidding War

Pander to the desires of potential buyers to go beyond the value of your home and tap into the emotional connection buyers might make with your home. Focus on projects that will make your home stand out from the crowd to create extra value.

Cabinet Heights

Many kitchens have base cabinets at 36”. Some argue that this is not an ideal height for the majority of people. A 42” base cabinet allows for more ergonomic functionality in the kitchen. Add a higher cabinet to your kitchen and you’ll have people lining up to make an offer.

Island Love

Everybody loves a kitchen island. They add more workspace and storage space plus look great. If you’re making adjustments to your kitchen’s footprint, be sure to include an island. No matter how large or small, these are great selling points for homebuyers.

Countertop Plusses

You already know that countertops are great for boosting your home’s value. Make those countertops stand out with uncommon features. The smooth, glossy finish is always right on trend, but a leathered texture will make those countertops become something to envy. Waterfall countertops, where the horizontal surface flows into the vertical, are some of the most popular luxury countertops in design today.

Luxury Brand

The gourmet kitchen is another selling point that you can leverage for your kitchen remodel. Include professional quality appliances in your kitchen and your real estate agent will use that to garner interest and increase the value of your home.

Behind the Scenes Storage & Organization

Looking good is one thing, but some extra organization features behind closed doors amps up the value. Add pull-out racks and sliding trays to cabinets to give functionality a boost. Specialty cabinetry like spice rack drawers and cabinet dividers are excellent bonuses too.

Is a kitchen remodel worth it? It can be if you play your cards right. Take our advice and pinpoint the updates that will give you the boost you want without the price tag.

Now your only problem is figuring out when the right time is for that remodel. Take a look at these ideas to help you figure out your timeline.

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