How Glideware Cabinet Organizers Can Simplify Your Kitchen

One of the biggest problems with cookware is storage.  All of those pots and pans, and their lids, need to go somewhere, and oftentimes, they are just stacked willy-nilly inside cabinets because due to their particular geometry and shapes, they take up a lot of storage space.  Some people create hanging storage solutions outside of their cabinets, but many people don’t like that look.  This is where Glideware comes in.

Glideware Cabinet Organizers Features

Glideware is specifically made for pots and pans, though heavy utensils can be hung on it, too.  The rack is made to be slotted inside a single door cabinet, and due to the fact that RTA cabinets are made standard sizes, the Glideware cabinet organizer will pretty much fit any style.  The frame of it is made from a maple wood frame that can also be stained (or painted) to match the style of the cabinets it is installed into.  It can hold a heck of a lot of weight, and has seven hooks from which to hang pots and pans.  The storage space regained notwithstanding, it’s pretty great to get your pots and pans quickly and easily and have them all in one place.

Just One Use?

Nope.  There are a bunch of flavors of Glideware, including the single Glideware, with one pull out rack, the double Glideware, which goes inside a double-door cabinet for even more pot and pan storage, and the pantry Glideware, which is made for holding things like brooms, mops, brushes, and all the other long-handled cleaning supplies you might need to store.  In addition, they sell extra hooks, weighted like the originals, which can easily be attached to the Glideware tracks to provide extra storage.  As the hooks are made to swing with synchronized motion, your pots and pans won’t bang together when using your Glideware.

We love not only RTA cabinets, but the cool and useful accessories that go with them.  This is why we proudly sell the Glideware line.

Oftentimes, you can even build a tiny kitchen with tons of storage space using just a few nice accessories.  We want to help each and every customer to get the most useful kitchen they can have, so is pleased to offer three free reports that will help you optimize your cabinet design and avoid common mistakes. Download them today.

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