Extensive Line of Natural Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Perfect for Tiny House

Tiny House Nation featured RTA Cabinet Store’s Natural Shaker Kitchen Cabinets on an episode featuring a 545-square-foot tiny house with seven people living in it!  Being the centerpiece of a home, a kitchen needs to be well built and intelligent, and nowhere is it more prevalent than in a situation such as this!  Installing these RTA kitchen cabinets made all the difference between a good kitchen and a great kitchen.

The More the Merrier

With seven people in such a tiny house, the kitchen is bound to get a crazy amount of usage.  It was also necessary to make sure that it would be something that everyone would like.  The natural wood look is always a winner in such a situation, and all members of the house liked the final product.  One big selling point of the Natural Shaker Kitchen cabinet line is the extensive number of choices available for each type of cabinet.  It made it pretty easy to build a kitchen which would fit perfectly, be utilitarian, and look amazing.

Quality Is Key

In such a small area, with such a large amount of traffic, quality and stability were key in the desired finished kitchen.  The Natural Shaker Kitchen cabinets are made with 1/2” plywood sides, tops and bottoms for the box sides, and 5/8” plywood shelves.  The doors, drawer fronts and face of the frames are made from solid maple.  Each piece is stained on all sides, baked and finished inside and out.  These cabinets are built to last, be durable against dings and dents, and look fabulous.

Expansion Possibilities

The kitchen cabinets which were installed in the tiny house were great, but also fairly future-proof.  If, for some reason, something needs to be changed, a door replaced, or the configuration desired to be rearranged, the extensive line of the cabinets makes is easy to get replacement parts.  This made Tiny House Nation’s choice perfect.  As it is such a classic and timeless look there is no chance for it ever to go out of style, nor for parts to ever be unavailable.  Also, the standard sizes of the RTA kitchen cabinets make them ripe for accessorizing, for example with Rev-A-Shelf cabinet inserts.  The Natural Shaker Kitchen cabinets are one of our best sellers, and the reasons why are very evident.

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