Save Thousands on DIY Kitchen Remodel Projects

One of the best ways to save money on any home improvement project is to do it yourself. But did you know that you can save even more on a DIY kitchen remodel project by using quality RTA cabinets from RTA Cabinet Store, rather than going to a big-box home improvement store?

Same Quality Cabinets (Or Better!) – Lower Prices

At RTA Cabinet Store, you’ll find dozens of models of cabinets to fit all styles and themes, just like you would at your local DIY store. Just like the good models at those stores, our cabinets are made of top-quality materials like furniture-grade plywood and genuine hardwood; they just cost thousands of dollars less when it comes to pricing out an entire kitchen.

Here’s the thing, though. A lot of people aren’t aware of this, but most commercial cabinets available in stores are also functionally RTA. They’re just put together in the store, by people who don’t always care how good of a job they do. With our easy-to-use cam-lock construction, nearly any homeowner can assemble our RTA cabinets, with an end result that is sturdy and easily on-par with premium store-bought cabinets.

Those that aren’t assembled in the store, but rather in a factory, may seem nicer because they’re more expensive, but part of that expense is because to ship them assembled, they had to ship around a lot of empty air. Even worse, an assembled cabinet on a truck is subject to a lot of stresses that cabinets don’t normally experience in everyday use, so they could be structurally weakened before they even get to your door.

Competitively Priced Accessories and Upgrades

Whether you’re building a kitchen from scratch with RTA Cabinets, or just touching up your old ones with new hardware and storage enhancements, RTA Cabinet Store has you covered, with a full line of accessories from Rev-A-Shelf and Glideware, along with custom-sized roll-out shelves and inserts built just for our cabinets but adaptable to any.

Did you know we also carry range hoods, sinks, and garbage disposals? So we have you covered for literally everything but the appliances and countertops—even flooring! Our Feather Step wood laminate flooring is half-again as thick as the industry standard, for greater durability and more cushioning of each step, and you’ll be amazed at the price.

Once you place your order, everything, from cabinets to flooring to accessories, will be delivered right to your door by one of our freight partners, ready for you to build your new kitchen with your own hands, for thousands less.

Buying kitchen cabinets isn’t something you do every day, so make sure you have the insider knowledge you need to get the best cabinets at the best price. The Consumer’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets tells you what you need to know—click the link to download your copy now!

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