DIY Kitchen Cabinets Made Easy

Any homeowner on a budget learns sooner or later, that the best way to save money on any home improvement or home maintenance project is to do it yourself! DIY kitchen cabinets are no exception, but unless you’re a master carpenter with an extensive woodworking shop, you probably can’t actually manufacture the cabinets from scratch, amazing as that would be. That’s where RTA cabinets come in to save the day!

Simple Enough Anyone Can Do It

At RTA Cabinet Store, our cabinets are designed from start to finish to be easy to assemble, yet sturdy and beautiful. They’re so easy, in fact, that technically all you need is a screw driver, though an electric screwdriver or drill and a bottle of wood glue will make things easier and make the cabinets even sturdier.

The secret to the easy assembly is cam-lock construction. Each major piece fits into slots in the adjoining pieces. The slots are what provide the strength, which is comparable to or better than anything you’ll find in a store. The cam-locks themselves simply hold it all together. They’re pretty idiot-proof; you’ll know when they’re locked securely in place, and once they are, and the cabinet frames are fully assembled, you’ll be amazed at the strength and the quality, which add up to many years of durable beauty.

Doors and hardware usually attach with wood screws, which is where the drill or electric screwdriver comes in, though you really can do it all with just a screwdriver and some elbow grease. And you’ll want a friend or family member to help when it comes time to hang the wall cabinets; trust us, you don’t want to do that part alone.

Beautiful Enough Nobody Will Believe You Did It Yourself

Our RTA kitchen cabinets aren’t just sturdy; they’re gorgeous! Made of premium materials like furniture-grade hardwood-plywood, genuine hardwood for most doors and face frames, and silky-smooth crack-resistant HDF for painted doors, our cabinets are all stained or painted beautifully, inside and out, at the factory. You’re sure to be pleased with how they look, and your family and friends are sure to be amazed!

If you need a little help figuring out what to create, we have several resources available to help you. If you’re determined for it to be a truly DIY process, we offer a free online DIY kitchen design tool that will let you lay out your kitchen, save your design to continue working on it later, and finally add everything you need to your order so you know exactly what to expect in terms of cost. At a fraction of the price of store-bought cabinets, we know you’ll be amazed at that, too.

Finally, we have professionally-trained kitchen design consultants on staff, ready to help you bring your kitchen dreams to life. Click here to set up your free consultation, a $500 value, today!

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