How Custom Cabinets Escalate Prices Without You Noticing

Custom contractors aren’t out to get you, but they’re definitely business-minded people. Sometimes with custom projects, all the little bits start to add up to one hefty bill. Even cheap kitchen cabinets can get expensive if you factor in all of the contracting fees. Here’s how you might be paying more for custom cabinets than you really need to be.

It’s Standard Practice to Mark Up Labor and Materials

Because you’re hiring another person to do the work for you, contractors will charge you more than what they pay for on materials and labor to cover overhead, pay his or her salary, and make a profit. By asking about the tools and materials that are needed ahead of time, you can purchase them yourself and save up to 20% on mark-up fees. Salvage materials are a great way to get cheap kitchen cabinets, but make sure that re-used wood and hardware isn’t damaged. The best contractors will give you suggestions on how you can save money on quality kitchen cabinets, and they’ll pass any discounts they find on to you.

You Might Have to Pay Sub Contractors If the Prime Doesn’t Pay

Custom contractors often hire other professionals to do niche work. Less scrupulous types will use the payments they make from current jobs to pay suppliers and subs from a previous job. Most subcontractors protect themselves by placing a mechanic’s lien on your home. Even if you pay the general contractor, if he or she doesn’t pay the subs, you have to fork up the extra money. Avoid this by requiring that subs waive any rights to place a lien against your home before they start working. You can also insert a proof-of-payment clause in your contract that requires the prime contractor to show that he has paid his subcontractors before you are required to make another payment. This way, if the subcontractor installing your uba tuba granite countertop doesn’t get paid, they’ll go after the prime contractor instead of you.

Going Outside the Existing Floor Plan Equals Hidden Costs

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A good contractor will try his or her best to give you the most accurate quote. But if your kitchen remodel requires your contractor to take out an entire wall to make room for a kitchen island with seating, things might pop up that jack up the charges. The contractor won’t be able to account for all of the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC lines until they open up the wall. Keep a paper trail and request a change order if there are any deviations in the original cost. This way there will be no surprises when you get the final bill.

Cost control is much easier if you purchase ready to assemble (RTA) discount cabinets. With RTA cabinets, you’re able to find cheap kitchen cabinets without sacrificing quality. Find the best kitchen cabinets for amazing prices at the RTA Cabinet Supply store.

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