Current Trends in Kitchen Remodeling – Black Kitchen Cabinets

When we talk about the trend toward black kitchen cabinets, it’s important to note that for the most part (though there are always exceptions), we are not talking about polished Tuxedo Black wood, like the surface of a concert grand piano. That kind of black is usually considered too ostentatious for a kitchen, and while it’s possible, you’ll probably have a hard time finding RTA kitchen cabinets that are that kind of black.

What Do We Mean by “Black”?

Like white, as a shade in terms of interior decorating, “black” refers to a huge range of “off-black” shades, if you will. Black can have a faintly bluish hue like the night sky, or a reddish undertone like a ripe black cherry, for example. Coffee is also called “black” until you add milk or cream, but if you look closely, there are still yellowish-brown, or sometimes reddish-brown undertones. It isn’t a “pure” black, but rather a color that we, in the RTA kitchen cabinet industry, call “espresso.”

Espresso Kitchen Cabinets and Other Semi-Black Cabinets

Our darkest line of RTA kitchen cabinets is our Espresso Shaker line. These cabinets feature a rich, almost-black finish that still holds enough of a warm, brown undertone to keep your kitchen from looking like a tuxedo. Because they’re Shaker in design, they have simple, elegant lines that feel very contemporary. They also match our other Shaker lines well, if you want to do color blocking or other high-contrast techniques.

Another dark option that strays a little further from black, but still offsets white or near-white very well, is our Cognac Shaker line. Rather than espresso, these feature a rich mocha stain that’s more clearly brown than black, but still decadently dark. Use these for a warmer, more inviting feel.

Finally, one of our most elegant lines is our Healdsburg model. With a dark walnut finish, and simple lines that are reminiscent of, but not identical to, shaker styling, these are a great option for a single-color kitchen with lots of light. As with any dark color, be careful with lighting, as they will soak up a lot of the available light in the room, making it potentially feel dimmer and smaller than it really is.

It’s easy to decide which style of cabinet you like best, but not so easy to design a whole kitchen based on that design. RTA Cabinet Store has expertly trained designers on staff and ready to help with issues from lighting to finishing touches! Sign up now to get your free, no obligation design consultation.

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