Create an Illusion of Space by Choosing the Proper Color Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets take up a lot of space.  They are designed to, so that you have enough space to store all the things you need to use in the kitchen.  The problem with this is that most people never seem to have enough space in their kitchen.  By following some useful tips on your cabinetry color, you can increase the space, at least visually, that is available to you in your kitchen.

The Same Color

It is common knowledge that having a lighter color in a room makes it look larger.  This is especially true for a kitchen, to a point.  The conventional school of thought is that pale and pastel colors (including the palest of all, white!) make a room look larger.  If the room has the exact same color of cabinetry in it, the effect is even more noticeable.  The visual boundaries between the walls and cabinets disappear, giving the illusion of more space.

Dark themes, though, can work very well.  If the kitchen is on the shady side of the house, for example, dark tones such as navy, black, chocolate, etc., can make the walls seem farther back than they really are, and the cabinets will blend with them, giving the optical illusion of more space.  Make sure, though, that this theme is not broken by silver appliances or a different-colored countertop or countertop backdrop.  It will ruin the illusion and may make the room seem even smaller.

White Cabinets

White cabinets with white walls are the norm when considering visual space, and there are also some tricks to this.  First, more decoration is not needed, but a Shaker style gives the best illusion of space.  The illusion can be compounded by further getting white cabinet doors with windows in them.  If your dinnerware sets are also white themed, the depth seen inside those white cabinets will really help pump the illusion.  Using lighting under the cabinets and inside them (subtly of course) will also brighten dark areas and help sell the illusion of space.

Break It Up

Choosing complementary bits of colors to match your cabinet color helps a lot.  For example, if you have chosen a white kitchen, a few small green plants near the window will help relieve the lines of the window frame and, again, reinforce the illusion of space.  Give RTA Cabinet Store a call and we will be happy to give you some more tips to give your kitchen area that larger feel!

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