Common New Kitchen Cabinet Mistakes

We’ve been selling new kitchen cabinets for many years and we’ve heard it all. People contact us hoping to make changes, or they worked with another company and it didn’t end well. Choosing the right kitchen cabinet is about more than just style and designs. People tend to make the same mistakes repeatedly, but we’re here to help you make sure that doesn’t happen. We want you to not be part of that group.

Improperly Measuring Your Black Kitchen Cabinets

This happens far more often than people think. When you measure your existing kitchen cabinets, you’re going to provide us with the dimensions for your new cabinets. We use these measurements and send you the proper cabinets. When the measurement isn’t done correctly, then the cabinets that arrive don’t fit properly. You could end up with too much space or not enough room. The cost and trouble of fixing this problem is large for you and us. That’s why we encourage people to measure their kitchen cabinets several times. Only when you get the same measurements again and again, should you trust it enough to use them for your kitchen cabinets. This is a mistake that happens a lot and there is no quick fix.

Not Taking Kitchen Cabinet Accessories into Account

Many times, people choose kitchen cabinets and just take what comes standard, including drawer pulls, doors, etc. They don’t look at the various accessories that are available to make their cabinets more attractive and suited to their needs. These accessories include the drawer and cabinets pulls, Rev-A-Shelf accessories and more.

Once they get their cabinets and install them, they stumble upon these additions online and wish they had them. Some, such as the drawer pulls, are an easy fix and not very expensive, but others can take a lot of work and be a significant extra cost. You can always order and install these after the cabinets, but it just adds more work and expense. Why not avoid all that by taking them into account early?

Not Choosing RTA Kitchen Cabinets

People can be worried about building and installing their own cabinets. They don’t think they have the knowledge or ability. We’ve dealt with hundreds of people with little experience in building cabinets, but it goes easily and smoothly for them. RTA kitchen cabinets cost less than pre-assembled cabinets because you’re not paying for the workers to assemble them. RTA cabinets are simple to put together and you likely already have the tools needed in your home. You can get much more cabinet with RTA than pre-assembled, so take a chance and believe in your own abilities.

The journey to purchasing new kitchen cabinets can be a long one, especially if you’ve never done it before. Check out our guide, so you can start the journey on the right track.

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