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On vacation on Anna Maria Island, Florida, Ashley and Dino Petrone (of @arrowsandbow on Instagram) little expected that they’d find their next renovation project. Already pros at remodeling RVs into upscale living spaces, the Petrones were ready for a new adventure. 

Before they headed back home, they’d already secured a small inn in need of a big update and their special brand of love. Less than a year later, Joie Inn is welcoming guests into its comfortable embrace. 

Designed in Ashley’s favorite colors, products, and equipped with everything a family could want, the space is a haven of relaxation and beacy energy. Take a peek behind the curtain with us as we discover what makes Joie Inn tick.

A Story of Colors

Joie Inn’s design all started with color. Anna Maria Island, like so many other beach communities in Florida is splashed with bright colors and nostalgic vibes. Ashley wanted to keep that aesthetic but freshen it up with a new take on the same concept.

She chose trending and ever popular colors blush, sage, sun, and terracotta—one for each of the four suites in the inn. These softened, warm colors were inspired by the natural surroundings on the island: ocean waves, dune grasses, sunsoaked afternoons, and balmy sunsets.

These colors stayed true to the fun scheme all over the island but introduced a coziness that’s right on trend and speaks to another generation of beachgoers.

Collage of different views of Sun Room's kitchen with yellow tiled backsplash.
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The Sun Room

Located on the second floor, the Sun Room is a 700 square foot, two bedroom oasis with a fully equipped kitchen. It has all the conveniences of home (including for the kids) but maintains a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to unwind the moment you come through the door.

It features a beautiful, gold-warmed yellow in the bedding, backsplash, shower, and decor. It’s also home to a hand painted balcony in a starburst pattern that makes the space special.

Mood board of Sun Room decorative palette.

Why Sun?

Sun is a delightful description for this particular shade of yellow. This and similar deep yellows are enjoying their moment in the . . . sun . . . this year. In an era where warmth and comfort is defining design, yellow is the perfect color for making that statement.

Mustard-y yellows sport the depth of golds and browns that create a cozier, rustic feel that’s everywhere in designs lately. It isn’t the lighthearted pastel but the earthy, grounded aesthetic that sets the tone for yellow these days.

It can play heavily as a neutral in a color palette. Or it can act as an accent color that boldly makes a statement. Whatever you decide to do with your yellows, this particular group of colors lends a dignified, fun, and cozy feel.

Want to see how Joie Inn incorporated more on-trend colors? Check out the other rooms.

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