How to Make Cheap Kitchen Cabinets Look Expensive

shakerCheap kitchen cabinets are a great way to budget for an entire kitchen remodel, but they can look pretty drab. If you want your kitchen to look a little more lively than your office break room, there are ways to upgrade cheap kitchen cabinets that don’t cost a whole lot of money.

Better Hardware

Basic hardware for discount cabinets is plain. You can get that high-end, custom look by simply purchasing better quality knobs and handles. The most exquisite designs can cost up to $50 per unit, but you can still get beautiful, sleek hardware for much less. Consider that basic hardware costs around $5 per piece. Spend another $5 to $10, and you’ll experience a considerable upgrade in decorative appeal.

Door Replacement

You can replace your old cabinet doors or simply sand them down and give them a more modern finish. There are various stains that you can apply to your current cabinets that look like cherry wood. You can get doors that are more embellished than your current ones, or choose a different wood species altogether by applying a wood veneer to the frames. These refacing options are a great way to make your discount cabinets look more like the high-end designs.


The white kitchen is in vogue right now. This is because it hides dings and scratches and opens up your space. Alternatively, you can paint your kitchen cabinets a fun and trendy coral or teal, or go for neutral black kitchen cabinets or grey kitchen cabinets. The design choices are endless, and painting is a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up your decor. All you need to do is take off the doors and faces, sand everything down that can be seen, prime, repaint with two coats, and apply a sealant. A project like this for a standard kitchen can take a few days, rather than a few weeks if you were to replace everything.

Get Organized

You would be amazed at how clutterless counter space makes your kitchen look fresh. Small appliances on the counter make your space look small, while the best kitchen designs only place certain items on the counters to complement the decor.

Rev-A-Shelf makes absolutely genius cabinet organization solutions, such as pull-out drawers for your pots, lazy Susans for your spices, and mock cabinets that hide a pull-out trashcan. There is a Rev-A-Shelf solution for almost any kitchen organization problem, and it makes your home feel super neat.

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