Change the Look of Your Kitchen with New Kitchen Cabinets

west_point_grey_cabinetWhen it comes to changing the look and feel of a kitchen, nothing makes a bigger impact than new kitchen cabinets. They’re the largest surface area, they’re facing the viewer, often even surrounding their entire field of view, and they firmly establish the tone of the kitchen.

Just try imagining a few kitchens in your mind’s eye … chances are you pictured a style of cabinet, and your mind built the rest around them. Natural wood with a light stain sets a light, airy, comfortably informal mood for example. Cabinets painted white set a more formal, elegant tone. Heck, imagine stainless steel cabinets, and now you’re in a commercial kitchen, right? We think you get the point.

An Affordable Kitchen Facelift

Especially if you use ready-to-assemble cabinets, and if you can do the work yourself, you can create a serious kitchen makeover for as little as a few thousand dollars.

Most of our RTA cabinets come finished. Nothing more than a screwdriver is required to assemble them, thanks to our easy-to-use cam lock designs. Our kitchen design experts are happy to help you figure out exactly what you need, and put together a complete package that includes all the hardware and accessories that will make your new kitchen really shine!

The Foundation of the Minor Kitchen Remodel

Of course, if you want to take a few more steps, there is no better time to redo your kitchen’s flooring than while you replace the cabinets. We carry affordable, beautiful, durable, and comfortable flooring options as well. Finally, it’s difficult to replace kitchen cabinets and not also replace the countertop.

By the time you replace cabinets, countertops, and flooring, you’ve basically created an entirely new kitchen, by replacing virtually every major surface you or a guest will see upon entering your beautiful new kitchen!

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