Caring for Your Discount Cabinets

You spent a lot of money on your discount cabinets, so it’s only natural you want them to last years and years. The key to keeping your kitchen cabinets looking good is taking care of them. This guarantees not only structurally sound cabinets, but they’ll also keep their new shine longer as well. Proper cabinet care isn’t complex or arduous. It just takes a little tender loving care and keeping up with those inevitable spills.

The Usual Cleaning

The first step to keeping your cabinets looking great for as long as possible is just some regular upkeep. It may seem small, but regular dusting and wiping down of counters and cabinets is an important part of proper cabinet care. It should be part of your cleaning routine just like dusting the furniture and sweeping the floors. It’s not enough to just clean when it’s needed, but preemptive cleaning keeps things from getting out of control. No one wants to eat food from a kitchen that’s got more dust than a library. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is enough cleaning if done on a regular basis.

Be careful of spills

Spills in a kitchen are going to happen. It could be that a pan slips from your hand or the sugar bag rips when you’re getting it out of the cabinet. When a spill happens, you want to clean it up as soon as possible for several reasons. The biggest reason is you have a spill and you don’t want that just sitting there. Depending on the material spilled, it can damage the countertops and cabinets if allowed to sit. It may cause the protective coating to break down or even permanently stain the white kitchen cabinets. Spills that are left out can dry and make removing them ten times harder, or they can mix with dust to become a cleaning nightmare.

Water is not your friend

If there is one substance that can cause severe damage to your cabinets, it’s water. This is especially true for bathroom cabinets that are regularly subjected to water and high levels of humidity. If liquid spills from dishes or you notice a leak from a faucet or nearby pipe, then take care of it quickly. Over time, water can damage the wood of the cabinets and not only make it warp and look awful, but also shorten the life expectancy of the shelves. Be on the lookout for mold and the smell of mildew, which are sure signs of water exposure. Clean up puddles with paper towels or a cloth and dry the surfaces thoroughly.

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