How to Keep Your Cabinets Looking New

When you purchase cabinets, they are a major investment. You want them to last for years and look great. Unfortunately, life happens. Your white kitchen cabinets might not look that white for long after a few years of dinner spills and the havoc wrought by children. If you have beautiful cabinets and want to keep them that way, then you’ll need to take care of them. You spend time cleaning your living room, so make sure your kitchen cabinets get the same attention.

Act Fast

Perhaps the most important aspect of keeping your white kitchen cabinets looking brand new is taking care of spills as fast as possible. The longer a spill sits on the cabinet, the better the chance of it leaving a stain that’s impossible to get off. When a spill happens, use a paper towel or dishcloth and warm water to clean it up. Make sure all the moisture is cleaned up, as even a little liquid can cause permanent damage to the finish. It doesn’t matter if the spill is water or spaghetti sauce, get to it fast. Children have a tendency to spill things and not tell anyone. Try to keep a vigilant eye in case your precious little angel spills tea all over the counter.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals or Abrasives

If a stain does set in, then you’ll be tempted to grab the heaviest-duty cleaner you have to get it out. These cleaners often have very harsh chemicals that will not only take out the stain, but also the finish on your cabinet. It will sneak up on you. It won’t happen after the first time, but the exposure weakens the finish and is compounded by each use. Soon, it will start to fade and the shine you loved will be gone. The same goes for using steel wool and scouring pads. They may get the stain out, but they’ll scratch up the cabinets and finish. The last thing you want is giant scratch marks in your cabinets. Instead, use a mixture of warm water and vinegar to clean the stains. Make sure to wipe everything up afterwards.

Don’t Forget About Knobs and Handles

While you may be cognizant of your countertops and physical cabinets, few people remember to clean the knobs and handles of cabinet drawers. People use sticky hands to open and close the doors, coating the cabinets in who knows what. They’ll use dirty kitchen utensils to open the drawers because they can’t reach them from where they’re at and don’t want to move. The knobs have a finish as well, and need to be cleaned regularly. Only open them with clean hands and never use a kitchen utensil. Wipe them down with a wet dishcloth or paper towel to keep them shiny and new looking. has a wide selection of kitchen cabinets to choose from. Explore our site and find the perfect cabinets for you.

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