Are the Kitchen Cabinets I Want in Stock?

You are building your new home, and are getting ready to decide on which cabinets you will put in your new kitchen.  One problem that may seem to jump out at you is the availability of your cabinets.  Most people believe that the better looking the cabinets, the less likely they are to be in stock, due to people buying them, the cabinets being hard to make and therefore being consistently in low supply, etc.  With RTA kitchen cabinets, nothing could be further from the truth.

Cabinet Stock Issues Aren’t Prevalent

With RTA cabinets issues aren’t prevalent, that is.  Brick and mortar stores commonly have stock issues with their cabinetry due to limited storage space and the need to keep an active physical storefront.  This means that a lot of their overhead is spent maintaining the building they are in.  Online storefronts, though, can keep costs lower, and spend more money where it is needed, i.e. keeping enough stock on hand to satisfy the needs of many customers.

Ordering RTA Kitchen Cabinets

When you place an order for your RTA kitchen cabinets, that order goes through a chain of events.  Here at RTA Cabinet Store, we pride ourselves on our efficiency.  We make sure to keep enough stock on hand, and, in the event that stock is running low, we know how to get more fast!  Our best-selling lines, such as the Weston White Shaker line, sometimes go on sale and have a great turnover.  Our suppliers are an integral part of our process, and we make sure to inform them as to the quantities they should have ready for us before such events.  After we get your cabinets, we ship them out as quickly as possible.

What if It’s Out of Stock?

This situation is very rare, due to the way the supply process chain of RTA kitchen cabinets is structured, but it does happen.  That being said, we have the ability to rush order cabinets, at no extra cost to the customer, to make sure that your schedule isn’t impacted.  So, the answer to the question “Are the cabinets I want in stock?” is effectively: yes, they are.

Before you order though, you need to design your kitchen!  Be sure to sign up for your no obligation, completely free kitchen design consultation with one of RTA Cabinet Store’s professional designers at.

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