Buying RTA Kitchen Cabinets Without the Worry

Kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest expenses involved in remodeling a kitchen. Whether you’re doing it to get a house ready to sell, or to get more enjoyment out of a home you intend to stay in for years to come, one of the best ways to save money on a kitchen remodel is by buying RTA kitchen cabinets and doing that part of the remodel yourself.

But from Sauder to Ikea, ready-to-assemble furniture has always had an iffy reputation. Pieces look fine in the store, but get them home, and you may find they’re made of particle board that screws strip out of if you breathe on them too hard, and half the time the real structural integrity of the item is a piece of cardboard with wood grain printed on it, stretched across the back with little tack nails!

RTA Cabinet Store Uses Much Better Quality

Kitchen cabinets are no joke. They see heavy-duty use, all year long. They hang hundreds of pounds of fragile, expensive objects from the walls, and if they fall apart like a cheap bookshelf, you’re in for some serious trouble! That’s why at RTA Cabinet Store, we use only furniture-grade plywood for the construction of our cabinets, and genuine solid hardwood for most of our doors, face frames, and drawer fronts.

Why Plywood and Hardwood?

Plywood isn’t like particle board at all. Particle board is basically sawdust and glue. Plywood is thin sheets of genuine hardwood, laid together in a criss-crossing pattern so the grains go in every direction. You see, wood is amazingly strong along the grain. But across it, it’s prone to splitting, cracking, and even warping over time. Since in plywood, the grain goes in multiple directions, all of those problems are solved. It even holds screws and other fasteners better than solid wood!

But plywood isn’t so pretty on the edges. Plywood door frames would need veneers, or you’d be able to see the layers, and if you’ve ever owned really cheap kitchen cabinets with veneer strips on the edges of the doors, you’ll know that it doesn’t take long for them to start peeling away, making the end result not very appealing! That’s why we use genuine hardwood, usually maple or oak, for the parts of our cabinets that you’ll see every angle of day in and day out. Plus, solid hardwood can take a beating. It resists minor scratches and dings, and even if some damage does happen, underneath the surface of the wood is … more wood! So a quick touch-up with a stain pencil, and you’re good as new.

Free Kitchen Design Consultation for Even More Peace of Mind

Our professionally trained kitchen design consultants are standing by to offer advice on kitchen design. Whether you need help making fundamental choices about the look and feel of your kitchen, or detailed help creating an exact list of the cabinets and accessories you need to build it, we can help!

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