Best Bathroom Cabinet Materials to Combat Humidity

bathroom_lightingBathroom cabinets have to be top of the line.  If someone chooses to go down the road of cheap cabinetry in their bathroom, they end up paying more in the long run than buying quality cabinets at the very beginning.  Oddly enough, though, this statement, while being true in the past, is not so relevant anymore.  With the advent of quality RTA cabinets, the savvy homeowner doesn’t need to pay out the nose anymore for good, quality-material bathroom cabinetry.

Materials for Bathroom Cabinets

Most bathroom cabinets are made out of one of two materials.  Real wood, or pressure compressed wood board (plywood).  MDF, or particle board, is commonly used to make cheaper cabinets, and when sealed properly, can be used in bathroom cabinetry as well, but a proper sealing job is hard to find.

Here at RTA Cabinet Store, we make sure that each and every line of RTA bathroom cabinets we sell are the best possible against humidity and warping (and mold!).  With a cheaper MDF cabinet covered with a vinyl face, there are always tiny joints that you might see with your own eye, but which are very penetrable and allow water in, then the thirsty particle board drinks it up and expands.  It will almost always contract again, but each time it expands and contracts it will change the matrix of the pressed-together particles, and then it will begin to crumble and break apart, oftentimes under the facing, creating bubbles and eventually rotting away the cabinet itself.

Why Wood?

Properly sealed and stained wood, solid wood-backed veneer RTA cabinets, or properly sealed laminated cabinets can make all the difference.  Properly sealed wood has no pores for the water to soak into, as all of the holes in the wood have already been filled with a permanent sealant, whether that be a treatment or a stain.  This leaves no room for the humidity to get in, and will make sure that your cabinets stay in pristine condition.

Take it from us, a number of people have called us over the years complaining that they were sold faulty cabinetry by a less than reputable dealer.  Whether or not this was the case, or they tried to save money by installing non-bathroom-specific cabinetry, we were able to help them get the right cabinets they needed to have a worry free bathroom.  Check out our testimonials page to get a feel for some of the ways we have helped out other homeowners, just like yourself at


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