Bathroom Vanity: Mirror or Medicine Cabinet

In previous generations, it was almost unheard of for anyone to have just a mirror in the bathroom.  Medicine cabinets were the storage areas, and vanities were small and didn’t hold much, and it was odd, if not impossible, to ever find a bathroom without a medicine cabinet!  Today, though, there is a growing trend towards having just a mirror on the wall and a full-sized vanity on the ground.  They are both great options, though.  Read on to find out the pros and cons of each!

Bathroom Mirror

The trend towards a bathroom mirror and a large vanity really began with the bigger home.  With the great cabinetry that people were able to install underneath the sink, even going so far as to have a large sink countertop, the medicine cabinet became something that was unnecessary, as all items could fit into drawers, the cabinets underneath, and the freestanding vertical storage cabinets that typically went with such a large bathroom.

We here at RTA Cabinet store are well aware of this fact!  We sell many RTA vanity cabinets fit for a single or even dual sink countertop and have a wide range of vertical cabinets.  The biggest pro of this setup is not having something sticking out from the wall, so you can have a very large mirror, much larger than would be possible if you had a medicine cabinet.

If the medicine cabinet is large, it typically has a number of doors on it, with the mirror section being broken into parts.  Many people find this unattractive, and prefer the larger, unbroken mirror.  Also, a large mirror with a frame matching the cabinets and top down lighting can really be an attractive option.  This also can make your bathroom feel much bigger by giving the illusion of a lot more space.

Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet has been in millions of homes over the years, and with good reason.  A combination device, it is invariably a storage space with shallow shelving inside, and a mirror in the front.  There are many different styles of RTA bathroom cabinets and vanities.  Some with medicine cabinets, some with mirrors, some with both options available.  Many people prefer having an area that can hold all their cosmetics, razors and accoutrements, pills, medical supplies, etc. that is out of sight, yet easily accessible.  One good thing about a medicine cabinet is that there are many models which can also be inset into the wall, so if having something mounted that sticks 4 to 6 inches out from the wall is not your thing, you can have it inset with only the doors not flush, using up only an inch or so of space and giving the illusion of much more space.

Choose Your Bathroom Carefully

Even though having just a mirror on the wall with a larger bathroom vanity is a newer trend, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the medicine cabinet idea!  Modern designs tend to offer larger vanities with simple mirrors over them, while more classic designs tend to offer the medicine cabinet.

Take a look around and find which styles of RTA bathroom cabinets you like.  Or talk to a professional at RTA Cabinet Store about it, and have them help design your bathroom.  With RTA cabinets, everything will all match and it will all look great!  Good luck with your new bathroom!

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