Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks- What is new from the 2013 KBIS Show

Bathroom and kitchen sinks seemed to be one of fastest growing segments in home improvement in terms of new features and options that are coming out.  The variety and combinations of different materials and colors is overwhelming.   The show featured everything from solid stone sinks, unique hand blown glass, bamboo sinks and various types of metal, with free form expressions as well.  While we can’t cover all of them, I thought we would show you some of the highlights of what is now available on the market in terms of sinks.

Glass Vessel Bathroom Sinks

The creativity and color patterns that you can get with glass vessel sinks is almost as unbelievable as the price range.  Glass vessel sinks are becoming more and more affordable and you can really make the bathroom a focal point of the home with a custom vanity and glass vessel sink.   Here are some of the ones that we found at the show:

Glass Vessel Sink
Vessel sink with faucet
Vessel Sinks- Glass
Tower of sinks showing the variety of colors and shapes available
Blue Vessel Sink
Blue Glass sink with matching faucet
Glass Vessel Sink and Faucet
color variation of the vessel sinks that are available
Glass sinks
Display showing options for glass vessel sinks
Vessel Sinks- Glass
Glass vessel sinks with various patterns

Copper Sinks

When most people think of copper sinks, they think of the traditional undermounted copper sinks you might find in an old farm house.   Most are traditionally square shaped, but there is a whole other market for custom copper sinks.   We found everything ranging from vessel sinks to unique, basket weave patterns.

Copper sinks are a timeless look for any kitchen, but you definitely pay a premium for it.   Here are some of the more unique copper sinks that we found at the show:

Free Form Copper Sink
Coppper Vessel Sink made to look like stone
Hand Hammered Copper Sink
Hand hammered copper sink with butterfly on the edge
Double Bowl Copper Apron Sink
Copper Apron Front Sink with Rivets
Copper Sinks
Copper sinks set up in a tree display
Hand Hammered Copper sink
Copper Vanity with basket weave pattern

Bamboo Sinks

What I thought was an interesting trend is the number of companies that are starting to make bamboo sinks.   Solid wood and solid bamboo sinks seemed to be available everywhere.    They came in vessel bowls, standard bowls, and every stained in unique patterns.   While bamboo is definitely an eco-friendly alternative, I am not sure that I would want a sink made out of it!

Vessel sinks from solid bamboo
Vessel sinks made of bamboo

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