Bathroom Cabinet Hardware—Useful Additions and Changes

Your bathroom is a pretty utilitarian place.  It’s where you get ready for the world and get clean from the day.  It’s also a place where a lot of items can get jumbled up really quickly and your organization may be a little lacking.  We figured you already built your bathroom, or are going to, with RTA bathroom cabinets, of which RTA Cabinet Store has a huge selection, and you have (or will!) a great looking bathroom and have saved a lot of money in the process.

But is there a next level that you can take it to?  A few small touches that will change your daily routine by just a little bit for the better?  Sure, there are!  And remember, that little bit, over time, adds up to a whole lot of peace of mind! 

Cabinet Hardware Changes

Many people, when buying cabinets, assume that the hardware that came with the cabinets is what should go on the cabinets, and that’s it.  Not true!  One of the greatest things about putting together RTA bathroom cabinets is that they all have standardized fittings, and hardware can be mixed and matched.

There are two types of accessories which we think would be great here, and the first of those is the soft close door and drawer dampers.  These basically make it so that you can’t accidentally slam the drawer or door of your cabinet, thereby extending the life of it, and making sure your cabinets last much longer!

The second type of accessories that we think are worth it are door and drawer pulls.  These are the hardware mounted on the outside, which allows you to pull things open.  Why not treat your cabinets with some luxury (but awesomely low priced!) pulls, which you can also match to your faucet, shower and toilet.  Having a theme that runs throughout the bathroom can make a visual difference, and will never have the effect of consciously or subconsciously jarring your attention to the differences.

Other Useful Additions

There are a few other useful additions that will help you upgrade your bathroom.  One is the door shelves from the Rev-A-Shelf series of cabinet accessories.  They are pretty awesome, and end up giving you quick and easy access to any item you choose to put there, and give you back some of the wasted space you might have in your cabinet.  It’s a win-win situation!

Another great way to organize your drawers is the Rev-A-Shelf drawer accessories.  You usually see them in the kitchen, where your utensils go, but since they are customizable and configurable, you can easily put one in your bathroom vanity to have a drawer to perfectly hold all of your little items. 

Finally, we also suggest a roll-out tray.  This is basically a tray that fits in the bottom of the cabinet, and you can roll out the entire bottom, like a hidden drawer, but with a lot more vertical space.  It makes it a breeze to keep and roll out items, with no more bending over and hunting in the back of the cabinet for what you need!

We know that you might be thinking of upgrading what you have already, but if you want a super awesome and low cost new bathroom, be sure to sign up for your no obligation, completely free bathroom design consultation with one of RTA Cabinet Store’s professional designers.

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