Balancing Budget and Quality: Finding the Affordable Kitchen Cabinets

When beginning the process of creating your kitchen, whether you are creating a brand new one in a home you have built, or remodeling the kitchen, one of the things you have to consider first is the cost.  Cabinetry is normally 25 to 50% of the entire cost of remodeling your kitchen, which makes it a very expensive item, and the one where people look to save the most money.

The problem is that the cabinets are pretty much what makes the kitchen what it is, and your budget has to be balanced with the quality that you need to have the kitchen of your dreams.  Quality cabinets on a budget aren’t a fairy tale, however, but a simple reality.

RTA Cabinets

One of the trends in the cabinet industry which has changed radically is ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets.  If you thought that RTA cabinets were not quality, and pretty much plain looking and unstylish medium-density fiberboard (MDF), or very limited wooden style finishes, you would have been right in the past.

Today, though, RTA cabinets are radically different than they were in the past.  Almost any type of cabinet you can imagine is available for sale, all at a much reduced cost compared to store-bought or custom cabinets.

Quality at a Budget

The best part about RTA cabinets is that the price range for quality is much lower than the other options.  Most RTA kitchen cabinet sets cost between $1,800 and $4,500.  This includes everything, and we mean everything, except for some specialized accessories, such as wine racks, lazy-Susans, etc.

They are also very easy to assemble.  While we here at RTA Cabinet Store are always available to help, we make sure we offer the brands that are the best quality for the money and assemble smoothly.  You never even have to hammer, staple, glue or cut anything.

Watch Out

More complicated RTA cabinets can be more than the normal remodeler can or wants to handle.  Make sure that the company you are ordering from has a policy of easy-install hardware, or that the bundle you have chosen is within your technical (or patience!) range.

Another thing you have to pay attention to is the shipping costs.  This can factor into your choice of where to buy.  Check on the cost of shipping before you click “Order.”  A very good price is around $150-$200 for an entire kitchen, shipped, considering the weight that will be coming to your door.

An Informed Decision

With this information in your pocket, you can make a better and more informed decision on where to get the cabinets for your kitchen.  With the right choice, you can put some of that hard-earned money to work in more areas than just your cabinets, giving you much more breathing room to get that kitchen you always dreamed of.

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