Avoid Disaster by Ordering Sample Kitchen Cabinets

When ordering discount cabinets for your kitchen from a store, especially online, it’s highly advised that you order samples before making your final purchase. Here are some ways in which ordering samples ahead of time helps you prevent a remodeling disaster:

You’ll Get What You Really Wanted

Stains and glazes look different on each wood type. For example, the same stain you apply to a pine cabinet door will look different than it would applied to an oak cabinet door. In addition, the stains may look different on deep-set or heavily ornate embellishments. It’s far less expensive to return a sample than it is to ship an entire set of cabinets back to the manufacturer.

You’ll See How the Style Fits with Your Décor

You will want to see how the style will look with your overall décor. Our brain can trick us when we see a style we like in a catalog. This is especially true if you found that style in an advertisement with surrounding décor that is different than your own. You may find that once the style arrives at your home, you may not have the same feelings about it. Perhaps you realize you want white kitchen cabinets rather than black kitchen cabinets because they brighten up your room. It’s easier to make adjustments when you use samples than after you receive an entire order.

You Can Be Sure That You’re Getting the Quality You Need

Aesthetics aside, you will want to order a door sample because it gives you an idea about the quality of its construction. Not all RTA cabinets are created equal. If you purchase discount cabinets made of materials that do not adhere to the basic standards of quality, you will find that they will chip, warp, and need repairs or replacements often. Cheap cabinets of subpar quality are not worth it. The best kitchen cabinets do not sacrifice quality in the materials used or in their construction.

Ordering samples is far less costly than reshipping your order. Most RTA samples can cost as little as $15 per piece (plus shipping and handling). At RTA Cabinet Supply, we refund you the cost of your sample in the form of a discount on your order. Find new and discount cabinets in our online catalog.

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