Granite Vanity Tops Are Now In Stock!

We finally found the perfect compliment to our bathroom vanity lines.   Along with our kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, we are now importing granite bathroom vanity tops.  Not only are the vanity tops pre-cut to the perfect size to match all of our bathroom vanities, but they come complete with an undermounted porcelain sink that isContinue reading “Granite Vanity Tops Are Now In Stock!”

RTA Cabinet Store Introduces New “Live Chat” Component

We take every customer request and recommendation to heart (some of them are easy to implement, and then there are some that are just too complicated).  One suggestion that we had from a very good customer was to add a live help feature to the website.   While we are still working out a couple ofContinue reading “RTA Cabinet Store Introduces New “Live Chat” Component”

The Kitchen Renovation Contest Has Started!

While it took us a while to finalize the rules and regulations, we are proud to announce the first annual Kitchen Renovation Contest!   We are going to reward one lucky winner with $2,000 in cash (well, really it will be a check).   The contest is really simple, and there are no requirements for the amountContinue reading “The Kitchen Renovation Contest Has Started!”

Two New Cabinet Lines are Coming!

In the next couple of weeks we are going to be adding a lot of new things to our product line, including two new kitchen cabinet lines-  Sunset Maple and Windsor Maple.   In addition to the cabinet lines, we are starting a new granite line that will be significantly cheaper than any other granite onContinue reading “Two New Cabinet Lines are Coming!”

Tips to a successful renovation project using a contractor/remodeler

Once you have decided that you are undertaking a renovation project it is time to start looking for a remodeler or contractor.  This process can sometimes take as long as the project itself.  Finding the contractor that can not only handle the project, but that you can also establish a good relationship with can beContinue reading “Tips to a successful renovation project using a contractor/remodeler”

Contractors: Maximize the Revenue on your Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Bids

With the current state of the construction industry, renovation and remodeling projects are becoming more and more competitive for our customers that are contractors and builders.  With homeowners looking for ways to minimize the amount of money they are spending on renovation projects because they are afraid they may not get that money back whenContinue reading “Contractors: Maximize the Revenue on your Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Bids”