HGTV Show is Wrapped Up

They wrapped up the final day of the Carter Can episode yesterday, and the kitchen turned out to be amazing.   Everything really came together in the last 2 hours, with people scrambling everywhere to make sure that it was ready for when the homeowners came back.   The Marquis Cinnamon Cabinets looked amazing with the countertops thatContinue reading “HGTV Show is Wrapped Up”

Day 2: Filming of the Show Begins

Today was probably one of the coolest days of my life (not joking).   We spent the entire day watching the behind the scenes of the filming of an episode.   While Jake and I didn’t make it on the show, we helped the head carpenter (also named Jake) with the assembly of the kitchen and walked himContinue reading “Day 2: Filming of the Show Begins”

First Day at the HGTV Project House

We just wrapped up our first day at the HGTV house.   It was a little more subdue than I expected, but it was hectic none the less.   The only people on site were the general contractor (who happens to be from Pennsylvania as well), and his assistants.   Jake and I got right to work assembling theContinue reading “First Day at the HGTV Project House”

Granite Tops: The difficulty in shipping large tops

Granite is certainly a challenging material to work with, especially when you are dealing with larger pieces.   The weight and awkward size of the vanity tops makes it so that they have to be strapped to a pallet.   Once you start getting into the larger size tops, the amount of surface area starts to becomeContinue reading “Granite Tops: The difficulty in shipping large tops”

The Blog is Back! New and Exciting News About RTA Cabinet Store

With all of the excitement over the past couple of months, the blog has unfortunately fallen to the bottom of the priority list.   Now that we have gotten settled in the new building in King of Prussia, and the main warehouse has finished shifting around inventory to make room for the new product lines, RTAContinue reading “The Blog is Back! New and Exciting News About RTA Cabinet Store”

Granite Vanity Tops Are Now In Stock!

We finally found the perfect compliment to our bathroom vanity lines.   Along with our kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, we are now importing granite bathroom vanity tops.  Not only are the vanity tops pre-cut to the perfect size to match all of our bathroom vanities, but they come complete with an undermounted porcelain sink that isContinue reading “Granite Vanity Tops Are Now In Stock!”