Affordable Secrets to Make Your Kitchen Look Fabulous

IMG_1824 resizeThere are so many ways to remodel your kitchen on a shoestring budget. You just need to be in on the secrets to make it happen. From laminate mock stone to RTA cheap cabinets, if you’re tired of a drab, boring kitchen, here are some ways to make the change.

Small Lighting

You don’t need a giant chandelier to have a gorgeous kitchen. Pendant lighting is a big thing right now, especially in apartments. A current trend is to use rustic, industrial decor. Imagine hanging light bulbs and caged metal shades. These styles are great because many of them are cheap as well. Get the kinds that are smaller, like the hanging bulbs or paper star lanterns. They can be as low as $15 apiece.

DIY Backsplash

Larger tiles are easier to work with. You simply sand down the wall above your countertop, mark where the center is, add adhesive with a notched trowel, and place the tiles from the middle outward. Cut the edge tiles if you need to. After it dries, spread the grout over and wipe off the residual with a wet sponge. Allow it to dry for a few days more before adding a sealant. All of this can be done in a weekend!


Laminate is a cheap solution for both floors and countertops. You can mimic stone like uba tuba granite and no one will know the difference. Along with uba tuba granite, there are quartz, marble, and soapstone mock laminates. It’s better to get a professional to apply it, but you can apply it yourself as well. Floor laminate can look like wood, and is actually easier to keep clean with regular multipurpose cleaner. Real wood requires special cleaner that won’t damage it.

RTA Cabinets

Ready to assemble cabinets are cheap cabinets that are assembled and installed by the consumer rather than the factory. The savings are passed on to you, and you can use those savings to buy better quality wood than you could afford with fully assembled cabinets. You can have a professional install them, or you can do it yourself with some assistance.


Painting cabinets, walls, and even appliances is super-affordable, and the difference is stunning. You can paint old, dated oak kitchen cabinets into white kitchen cabinets to complement stylish white kitchen decor.

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