Affordable Fall Remodeling Trends

For those of us who have been anticipating fall all year, it can’t come soon enough. We’re ready to pull out our scarves and jackets, order a pumpkin-spice anything, and indulge ourselves in scents of apple and cinnamon. There are ways you can surround yourself with beautiful things in your home this fall in the season’s spirit as well. This goes beyond temporary decorations with a pumpkin and leaf theme. You can also remodel your home to stay up to date on fall interior design this year. When dreaming up your autumn retreat, remember these affordable fall remodeling trends.

Going a Little Darker

White kitchen designs have been a huge trend in recent years. With white kitchen cabinets and brushed chrome, the whole space feels more open and bright. In Fall 2016, things are changing to be a lot more cozy, with black kitchen cabinets and appliances. Consequently, we seem to be moving away from dark stone countertops, like uba tuba granite, to lighter shades of quartzite. The flip from white kitchen cabinets to black kitchen cabinets makes a dramatic statement, and they look beautiful in any home.

Matte Matters the Most

Matte is everywhere this past year, especially in makeup and beauty. Interior design is definitely following suit. A matte finish on your kitchen or bathroom cabinet collection gives a feeling of softness and warmth. It looks great on light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, cabinet hardware, and metal furniture. It also creates an intriguing accent in your home without going over the top. Of course, you don’t want to go all black with you painting scheme. Another trend in home decor color schemes is to paint unfinished cabinets a dark, yet bold statement color, such as burgundy and regatta.

All Mixed Up

Mix-matched cabinetry is making appearances in chic homes everywhere. Surprisingly coordinated when done well, you can have a few metal drawers interspersed with wood drawers in the same room of your house. A great way to tone down the noise and tie it together is to add handles and knobs that coordinate with the metal you used on the metal cabinet. Another way to mix and match is to use black kitchen cabinets as a base and to paint the top cabinets a sage green or muted yellow.

RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets are great for painting because you can work on each plank separately, and then put it together afterwards. Visit us at for more details on how they w

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