5 Reasons to NEVER Use Particle Board Cabinets in the Bathroom

close up of Pile from the sawed pieces a wood-shaving plate
Cheap particle board used to make inexpensive cabinets.

It’s always a difficult task to balance cost and quality when it comes to bathroom cabinets. You don’t want to spend a fortune, but you want them to last and look great. One of the easiest ways to save money is to use particle board cabinets instead of real wood. Particle board is many small particles that are treated and stuck together to create a sheet. It’s known for its low cost, but it’s not suitable for bathroom cabinets and amenities. Here’s why.

It Absorbs Water

There’s no escaping water in the bathroom. A hot shower creates steam that permeates the entire bathroom. Children splash water outside the bathtub. Particle board absorbs some of that water. When particle board cabinets absorb water, one of the first things it does is swell. It’s important that cabinets and drawers be the right size, and swelling can put everything out of sync. Drawers can become difficult to open and cabinets can look swollen and ugly.

It Sags

Particle board isn’t the strongest material. Over time, the weight of the countertops and other items will cause it to sag in places. This weakens the support overall and may lead to breakage. The sagging mixed with the water absorption leads to a quick breakdown of the cabinets.

It Ripples

Rippling is another problem with particle board cabinets, especially if it is used under something such as flooring. Rippling is when the particle board swells and creates areas of wavelike ripples. While this looks bad on its own, the real problem is that it can make bathroom countertops and flooring uneven. Over time, rippling makes it painfully obvious that countertops and floors aren’t level anymore.

It’ll Cost More in the End

One of the reasons people use particle board is the cost. There’s no denying that the initial cost of using particle board is less than other materials, but you’ll also be replacing it faster.

While solid wood or other material can last a decade or more, particle board can show signs of breakdown within a year. By year three, you’ll probably need to replace the entire cabinet system. The long-term costs of particle board cabinets are more than using other materials.

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