3 Places You Need to Splurge in Your Kitchen

A new kitchen is always awesome.  When finished, it gives a feeling of great satisfaction and is the heart of the home, the place that receives the most traffic.  Many people are on a budget with their kitchens though, whether designing a brand new one or remodeling.  There are a few places where you should splurge in the kitchen, and we are here to list them for you!

Appliances Are Important

Nothing is worse than a great looking kitchen that doesn’t work well for you.  At the end of the day, a kitchen is about food preparation, and it’s terrible to not have the quality of appliances you need to have an easy and pleasant cooking experience.  Cheap appliances tend to break down sooner, as well, which increases the chances of damaging your kitchen cabinets when repairing or replacing the offending item.

Countertops Are Key

A good countertop makes a lot of difference in your kitchen, both in visual appeal and usability.  While laminate is okay and can last for years, nothing shows off a good kitchen like a stone countertop.  Literally every color and style under the sun is available, as now resin/stone-based countertops and poured stone mixes are available to order.  They are durable, look great, and set a kitchen off in just the right way.  Stone ends up being a bit more resistant to bacteria than laminate over time, as micro-scratches in laminate are good at holding the little guys.  Splurge here definitely, and do it right.

Kitchen Cabinets

The bulk of your kitchen will be made up of kitchen cabinets, so why would you go cheap on them?  This is a place where you really need to splurge, and probably the most important thing to spend your money on.  Splurging on kitchen cabinets is not the expense it used to be, though.  Here at RTA Cabinet Store, we saw that there were high quality and luxurious RTA kitchen cabinets beginning to become available at lower prices, which is about the time we began our business.  You can get pretty much any style of cabinet you desire at decent prices by going with RTA cabinets, and your kitchen will thank you for it.  One great bonus is that while you will most likely not need to replace anything for many years, replacement parts are easy to find and install for RTA cabinets.

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