3 Places to Get Dirt Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

premier-oakThere are many ways to get cheap cabinets. You just need to know where to look. Here are three ways you can get dirt cheap kitchen cabinets and spend the rest on the frills you really want.

Next to Nothing or Nothing at All

Community swap sites like CraigsList.com are full of people who are desperate to get their old cabinets out of their homes. These people are likely remodeling, and they need your help to make room for new ones.

  • Yea: You can score cheap cabinets with amazing quality wood and durable construction for little to no money.
  • Nay: You will likely need to remove and transport the cabinets yourself, especially if you are receiving the cabinets at no cost.
  • Tip: Stay safe when visiting a stranger’s home by bringing a friend or two with you. You’ll need them to help you pack up the cabinets.

Display Cabinets

As new styles come in, home improvement stores and show rooms will need to get rid of their old display cabinets. Obviously, they can’t sell the cabinets to their customers outright, simply because hundreds of other people have been handling them. Instead, they make a little bit of money back by selling them to you at a cheaper price.

  • Yea: You can get stylish, highly customized discount cabinets for much less. Remember, stores and showrooms display only their best work. Some already include additions like Rev-A-Shelf installed.
  • Nay: They usually aren’t publicly listed. You will need to build relationships with store owners and managers to find out when they’re changing their displays to something new.
  • Tip: When negotiating, frame it as if you are doing the store a favor by paying them to get their old displays off their hands.

RTA Cabinets

RTA stands for ready-to-assemble. The consumer is responsible for putting the cabinets together and installing them. All RTA cabinets are shipped flat with all the necessary hardware included. You can easily install them yourself with some extra hands, but it is advised that you hire a professional to save you the hassle.

  • Yea: You can get quality cabinets brand new without resorting to particle board. If you’re not quite ready to install them yet, they are easy to store during a remodel.
  • Nay: It takes extra time to put them together.
  • Tip: Always triple-check your measurements. One of the most common errors when ordering RTA cabinets is submitting incorrect measurements.

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