3 Easy Kitchen DIY Projects Anyone Can Do – #1: The Look

Remodeling a kitchen with RTA kitchen cabinets is a project that, while well within the capabilities of a typical homeowner with an adventurous DIY spirit, can be pretty daunting to a novice, and frankly even a little unnecessary depending on the state of your kitchen.

So for the kitchen that only needs a little sprucing up, and the homeowner who’s willing to try some things but not ready to gut their kitchen to the bare walls, here is the first of three easy kitchen DIY projects that are easier on you, and on your budget.

Project 1: A Kitchen Makeover with New Handles and Pulls

You can do a lot more for the look of your kitchen cabinets without actually replacing them than you might think.

Start by looking through our catalog of cabinet hardware, ranging from fab to vintage. Pick out a style that tickles your fancy, and order enough for each of your drawers and cabinet doors. Try mixing and matching styles for a unique look of your own, or stick to the tried and true, either works.

If there are any scratches or dings in the outer, visible surfaces of your cabinets that are deep enough to show bare wood or a lighter color underneath, you’ll also want a touch-up stick. You can order one on our site by finding our cabinet line that most closely matches yours in color, or a more extensive touch-up kit that will help you do a better job.

Deep Cleaning While You’re at It

Once your new hardware arrives, it’s time to remove the old handles and drawer pulls. But before you put new ones on, there’s never a better time than when the faces of the cabinets are flat and clear to give them a thorough clean-up. Even the most careful of cooks can’t avoid all splatter of sauces and oils while cooking, and even if you can, steam can carry oils up into the air, depositing them onto dust particles that then settle on cabinets. Chances are, when you remove your old hardware, you’ll see a noticeable difference in color between the exposed surface and the part that used to be covered up.

If you have stained wood cabinets, then it’s important to use gentle cleaning products. A good bet is a diluted solution of dish washing soap and water; it’ll cut through the oils and grease without stripping the wood’s natural oils or damaging the finish. Afterwards, be sure to go over them a second time with furniture polish, to replenish the protective oils you have removed.

For painted cabinets, or if soapy water isn’t cutting it, you may need to go a bit stronger—just be careful to test a small, unobtrusive area first, and let the cleaning product sit on it far longer than you intend to in your actual cleaning.

If you do end up deciding to go for broke and replace the cabinets after all, be sure to get your free downloadable copy of The Consumer’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets. It will help you avoid ripoffs and costly mistakes.

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