3 Easy Kitchen DIY Projects Anyone Can Do—#3: The Function

Finishing up our three-part series of easy kitchen DIY projects anyone can do, regardless of experience level and on a much lower budget than a remodel, we’ll cover the final piece of the puzzle in terms of the modern look, feel, and function of today’s best kitchens.

It’s All About the Space

Unless you have a truly tiny kitchen, or a truly gargantuan one, chances are you never quite have enough storage space available for easy use … and yet chances are just as good that your kitchen is positively brimming with empty storage space you aren’t using. Paradoxical, no?

The thing about storage space is that it only counts if it’s easily accessible. That means no long, low bends, no crawling around on the floor or into deep recessed base corner cabinets, and only a minimum of grunting allowed, no matter how heavy the object you’re retrieving.

To that end, we carry a number of options for utilizing all of your kitchen’s available space. For corner cabinets, the best option tends to be a Lazy-Susan conversion, or some hybrid version of it. That may or may not be possible with your existing cabinets, so you might still wind up with some unused space way back in the corners. For the rest of your base cabinets, however, you can convert difficult-to-reach space near the back, and at the top (thanks to that awkward bend to reach up into a cabinet shelf that’s at the level of your knees), into space you can use as easily as your silverware drawer.

The cheapest and easiest way to do this is with a roll-out tray. These sturdy trays are like a drawer minus the exterior face. They glide out effortlessly, completely into the open, even loaded up with heavy pots and pans, thanks to the same sturdy drawer glides we use on our cabinets themselves.

Another option is to convert an entire cabinet door into the front of a drawer using a pull-out base organizer from Rev-A-Shelf.

Unused Space? Try Unused STUFF!

When’s the last time you used that one skillet. No, not that one, the one at the back, under the big soup pot. Yeah … we thought so. What you need, to make the most of the stuff you have in your kitchen’s storage space, is a way to organize it. To that end, check out our Glideware organizers. They’re like the hooks you see pots and pans hanging from in commercial kitchens, except these babies slide away on ultra-heavy-duty telescopic glides, to hide completely inside your base cabinets. Then with a single finger, you can slide them right back out into the open, so you can use all of your cookware, any time you need it!

If these three projects aren’t enough to satisfy your wants and wishes for how your kitchen looks, feels, and stores your stuff, then maybe a remodel is for you. In that case, you’ll be interested in our DIY kitchen design tool. It’s an easy, intuitive interface that’s a lot like using graph paper and paper cutouts to lay out a new kitchen, only without all the calculating and paper scraps. Click here to give it a try!

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