Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: Simplistic In Design

Dating back to over 200 years ago, Shaker kitchen cabinets remain one of the most widely selected cabinet styles today. Known for simplistic design, straight lines in moderate proportions, Shaker kitchen cabinets are elegant with smooth clean lines that add accent to any kitchen. Often used in modern kitchens with contemporary themes, Shaker kitchen cabinets can be adapted to coincide with any kitchen with minimal ornamentation. With utilitarian designs, tapered posts and flat paneled doors, Shaker kitchen cabinets of today carry forward the long tradition of superior kitchen cabinetry with simplistic design.

Busy Kitchens

Shaker kitchen cabinets are a great for busy kitchens. The squared edged stiles and rails surrounded by a flat panel door add symmetry to busy kitchens with the appearance of organization without adding additional expense. Shaker kitchen cabinets tone down a busy kitchen with subtle grains or no grain solid wood doors which can be painted to individual preferences adding depth as needed. Painted, stained or natural, Shaker kitchen cabinets carry forward the belief that simpler things in life have great meaning which is clearly visible in the overall magnificent simplicity of Shaker kitchen cabinets.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Woods

Typically, Shaker kitchen cabinets are constructed with local American woods such as Ash, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Quartersawn Oak and Popular which is often painted. With increased interest in the simplistic design of Shaker kitchen cabinets, manufacturers have opted to produce Shaker kitchen cabinets in a variety of other popular woods meeting increasing consumer demands. Although a matter of preference and styling, true Shaker kitchen cabinet makers remain loyal to the tradition established over 200 years ago with continued production of Shaker kitchen cabinets in the traditional wood species.

Online Manufacturers and Distributors

Due to the popularity of Shaker kitchen cabinets, there are many kitchen cabinets available today that emulate or copy the styling of true Shaker kitchen cabinets. With limited availability, Shaker kitchen cabinets can be found online at reputable manufacturers and distributors’ websites, offering promotional incentives with price reductions. With unbelievable savings on authentic Shaker kitchen cabinets, RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) website offers professional or DIY kitchen cabinet design with free shipping on a wide selection of Shaker kitchen cabinets with prompt shipping. Featured on HGTV, this well-designed website is filled with unbelievable savings on Shaker kitchen cabinets than cannot be compared and is well worth further investigation.
As legacies and traditions of the past are brought forward with anticipated desires to carry on these traditions, Shaker kitchen cabinets speak of heritages long forgotten with great meaning, remaining simplistic in design.