Transforming Your Kitchen into a Shaker Style Showcase

Beauty from form, functionality, and simplicity is what the Shaker style is all about.  Modeled after the values and lifestyle of the Shaker religious sect, this style of decorating is as traditional as it is modern.  When you are redecorating and remodeling your kitchen space, Shaker style ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are definitely an option to consider.

Natural Materials

For the Shakers, natural materials were the key.  They used sturdy and beautiful woods like maple and cherry.  These woods gave their pieces a high-quality look and finish.  When searching for the right Shaker style RTA cabinets, look for cabinetry that is made entirely from these woods.  To save money while still getting the Shaker look that you want, consider getting RTA cabinets with solid wood fronts and plywood boxes.  They are much more cost effective and fall in the price range of even the most strict remodeling budgets.  Since the door fronts are crafted from woods that are traditionally used in Shaker decor, the kitchen will instantly have the appeal you want, but with the durability and price that you can afford.

Simple Styling

The Shakers crafted most of their belongings, from furniture to toys, by hand and took pride in the simple lines and functionality of their pieces.  Kitchen cabinets reflect that styling with their recessed paneling that is accented by simple, straight raised wooden outlines.  While the simplicity could be interpreted as unimaginative or boring, the styling is far from that.  Instead, it is reflective of a functional, contemporary design with clean, crisp lines.  Although perfect for a period home, the Shaker style is also ideal for a contemporary home where a minimalistic look is needed.

Why Shaker Style RTA Cabinets?

The main difference between Shaker style RTA cabinets versus custom cabinetry is cost.  RTA cabinets save on both production costs and installation.  Do-it-yourself homeowners can quickly and relatively easily install the cabinets in their redesigned kitchens.  Another great feature of RTA cabinets is the ability to customize their interiors.    Shakers thrived on order and storage spaces.  RTA cabinets allow you to customize the interior with storage solutions that can add function and order to your kitchen.  In the silverware drawer, for example, a special insert can be added to keep each type of utensil in its place.  This keeps the cabinetry true to the Shaker style and way of thinking.  RTA Shaker style cabinets also come in a variety of different woods.  They offer the same high-quality look at prices that the average remodeling budget can afford.

If you are updating your kitchen and are looking for a decor that is both fashionable, functional and contemporary with an old World flair, the Shaker style is ideal.  Adding RTA cabinets with a Shaker feel will help you quickly get the look you want, but with a price tag you can afford.  Break out some simple tools and get ready to install your own Shaker style RTA cabinets to quickly transform the look and feel of your kitchen space.

Senior staff writer for, Alyssa Davis, offers design advice on decorating with Western metal decor and Southwestern metal wall art.

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